Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Bubble-Wrapped Americans: How the U.S. Became Obsessed with Physical and Emotional Safety has posted an interesting article that starts off with a quote from Professor Jonathan Haidt which states: “In America we say if anyone gets hurt, we will ban it for everyone everywhere for all time. And before we know it, everything is banned.” Even more so in Canada.

There are many articles on the web site that are worth looking into. However, this one states "It’s a common refrain: We have bubble-wrapped the world. Americans in particular are obsessed with "safety.” The simplest way to get any law passed in America, be it a zoning law or a sweeping reform of the intelligence community, is to invoke a simple sentence: A kid might get hurt.” Why are Americans so obsessed with safety? What is the endgame of those who would bubble wrap the world, both physically and emotionally?

The article talks about Coddling and Splintering the American Mind, the Evolution of Victimhood Culture and Overreacting to the Wuhan Coronavirus. It concludes that "We may not have Maoist-style Red Guards in America quite yet, but we’re not far off." The enemy is within our gates.

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