Monday, July 20, 2020

Drea Humphrey joins Rebel News

Now it's official. Drea Humphrey is with Rebel News. Three cheers. I'll let her interview speak for itself. I'm just going to reiterate the need for independent media. This isn't a battle of the bands. This is a coalition. Together we are strong. The media mergers in Canada have turned news into biased propaganda. It never used to be like that but that is what we now face.

The leftist narrative the MSM is bombarding us with is sheer propaganda. That's all it is. I had heard some pretty bizarre allegations about Rebel News a few years ago but now that we have entered the new era, we can see things much more clearly now. The new far left claims everyone on the right are alt right white supremacists and Nazis. That is ridiculous. Libertarians believe in Constitutional equality. The same Constitution Martin Luther King lobbied to be enforced. Libertarians are not Nazis and neither am I. I Oppose Fascism and Communism both.

Recently Ezra Levant made a video about Norman Traversy & Q-Anon theories. He nailed it. Ezra Levant is the voice of reason here. Bringing Drea Humphrey on board simply builds Rebel News' credibility. Companies should advertise with Rebel News because we're not following Main Stream Media. If you want to sell your products and make money off of the rest of society who can think for themselves, you are going to have to advertise with other media outlets.

Look at what's happening in our world right now. If you connect the dots, the real picture becomes clear. Candace Owens is leading Black Exit. The Conservative Twins have embraced it. Brandon Straka is leading the #Walk Away movement. These are people with brains thinking and speaking for themselves about the false narrative that's being crammed down our throat.

This tsunami of support for Conservative values all started before the coronavirus was launched. I say launched because that is what happened. There was a motive behind it. Ezra Levant wrote a book entitled China Virus: How Justin Trudeau’s Pro-Communist Ideology is Putting Canadians in Danger. It's called China virus because that is where the virus came from. The fact that Bill Gates Marxist Media Network tried to deny that is ridiculous.

China has a magnificent culture that predates Communism by thousands of years. The Epoch Times is a Chinese newspaper that opposes Communism. The Epoch Times pointed out that there were no bats sold at the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan.

Someone from the Wuhan lab that was studying the virus in bats either accidentally launched the pandemic buying lunch at the seafood market or the Communist Party of China pulled a Chairman Mao and launched it on purpose. I believe it was on purpose because of the timing and the narrative. Their motive has become clear. Dr Fauci's foundation gave the Wuhan lab the grant to study COVID-1984 in Chinese bats. He is part of the narrative.

The virus did come from bats in China but it did not spread from someone eating bats. How do I know that? Wait 'till I tell ye. I used to be a chef by trade. When you cook something over 140 degrees Fahrenheit, you kill all the bacteria and make it safe to eat. Eating raw pork or raw chicken is unwise. It will give you food poisoning and make you sick.

This bat soup tradition comes from eating cooked bats in soups, stews and curries. They weren't biting the heads off raw bats. I'm not a medical doctor but I was a chef and I say COVID 1984 did not come from eating cooked bats. Someone from the Wuhan lab launched it at the seafood market because that is what they were told to do.

So am I going to pay money to subscribe to a newspaper that will tell me lies? No I will not. Will I pay $8.00 a month Canadian to subscribe to Rebel News? Yes I will. In fact I just did. I am now a subscriber and recommend you do the same. I don't collect money but if you want real news in our COVID1984 era you're going to have to buy subscriptions because the free news is fake.

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