Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Use your brain: Stupidity Matters

It's time we stop the insanity and start using our brains. For real. In the news we hear that in response to Black Lives Matter, they have pulled Aunt Jemima Pancake mix and Uncle Ben's rice off the shelves because their advertising used pictures of black people. The thing is, there was nothing derogatory about it. Does that mean we have to ban ads with Michael Jordan on Air Jordans? Everyone looks up to Michael Jordan. This is an example of how lunatics have hijacked a tragedy to create insanity. Now the Dixie Chicks are changing their name.

"The word Dixie is associated with the U.S. southern states where chattel slavery was legal." AYFKM? Dixie (also known as Dixieland) is a nickname for the Southern United States. This is like saying the Dixie Chicks can't call themselves the Texas Chicks because at one time slavery was allowed in Texas. The mob has lost their mind. We need to reject the narrative and start using our brains. Dixie is short for Dixieland which is a type of Jazz developed in New Orleans. Does that mean we're not allowed to use the word Jazz any more? This has become ridiculous.

We all agree racism is bad. We're all on the same page here. The Communist Party of China who owns the Western Main Stream Media is trying to convince us we suffer from systemic racism in North America. You know where they do suffer from systemic racism? Within Communist China. Black Lives don't seem to matter much over there lately.

ANTIFA, the Anti Fascists are Communists. There is no racial unity within Communism. There are no black rights, women's rights or transgender rights within Communism because within Communism no one has any rights. This is the exact extremism which has caused Black Exit and the #WalkAway movement in the US. People are seeing how extreme the left has become.

So don't take my word for it. Listen carefully to what Candace Owens and Brandon Straka have to say about the Narrative. They are exposing the fraud for what it really is.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, the Communist News Network is reporting that the President of China responds to American media. GMAFB. The American Media is owned by Communist China. That's like saying the Communist State run media is responding to itself.

Masters of Deceit by J. Edward Hoover

A Rundown Of Major U.S. Corporate Media’s Business Ties To China

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