Sunday, July 12, 2020

Lynzee Domanico and The Closet on the Right

OK I'm a little bit slow but I've finally figured this one out. Candace Owens is leading Black Exit and Brandon Straka is leading the #Walk Away movement. This all started before COVID but I've just caught onto it now. Lynzee Domanico broke our hearts with her coming out video and has launched The Closet on the Right. This was started two years ago and I'm just catching onto it.

Lynzee Domanico is posting on this new blog along with several others. She described herself as a Gay Conservative who is in a committed relationship. She's married. She has moral values that we all aspire to. She also makes a lot of sense with her critical thinking in response to the leftist narrative which is so far left it is now in the realms of inter galactic space. With my Green Justice website I tried to create a balance between the extremes. Yet I do have conservative values.

In the #Walk Away Hispanic town hall the Conservative Latina made reference to Faith, Family and Freedom. She said those Hispanic traditions are Conservative values. I share those values. She makes reference to the White House Hispanic Prosperity bill Donald Trump signed on Thursday. The racist left is boycotting a Latino company for supporting the bill.

In the Closet on the Right blog, you can see who made each post under author. Lynzee Domanico has made some recent posts that are very relevant. One recent post, Radicals Breed Radicals, talks about the golden rule of humanity. Treat others as you like to be treated. She refers to how people all over the nation are taking up arms to protect their businesses and communities from violent radicals determined to destroy America and their livelihoods. She states that these individuals only respond to equal shows of force. I agree with Lynzee.

In another blog post Lynzee said "The LGBT movement is so powerful these days that anyone in need of some social justice points can add their letter to the acronym. Hence, “LGBT” is now “LGBTQRSLMOP+,” and what everyone else sees is a bunch of jumbled letters. In other words, a bowl of alphabet soup." I can kind of relate to that. BTW this is her YouTube channel.

LGBT- I can understand that: lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. My brain can process that. Recently the hijacked Missing Women's Inquiry added a whole list of abbreviations and I was like WTF are they taking about. They made reference to violence against Indigenous women and girls which I can understand. Then they added a whole list to the equation: 2SLGBTQQIA [two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex and asexual]. now I'm like WTF? That is too much for my brain to process let alone remember. Surely all of those fall under the LGBT umbrella. That whole alphabet soup is just too much to swallow.

It's really sad that the second Missing Women's Inquiry was hijacked by political extremists who had a political agenda that did not include protecting Aboriginal women from violence. That's why Marilyn Poitras resigned from the commission. "We had people tell us if you want to know who the problems are and how to fix them you go talk to the sex trade workers. They're going to tell you who they are. It's not a mystery. This isn't some person coming out of the blue and randomly taking women off the street. People know who they're threatened by. Lets go talk to them. We weren't doing any of those things." It comes right back to the drug dealers exploiting addicts.

Mike Harlow was part of the #Walk Away LGBT town hall in New York City. He mentioned how the left called them white supremacist, homophobic, transphobic, Nazis. That accusation was ridiculous and exposes the leftist extremists for what they really are. If you disagree with Communism then you're a Nazi. No, we disagrees with Fascism and Communism because we support freedom and we oppose totalitarianism. We do not support a single party system. We support diversity of thought.

Blair White is an important member of that Conservative LGBT coalition and get this, she outed local predator Jessica Yaniv. Jessica is not transgender. She is a guy who likes women and dresses in drag so he can sexually harass them. As I prevdiously said, Jessica worked for the same company I do at a different location. When I did work at the same location I remember when he was fired for sexual harassment of a women. He started dressing in drag so he could continue to sexually harass women. Blair White exposed him on YouTube. Blair White is another superhero in the coalition. Diversity makes us strong.

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