Sunday, July 5, 2020

BC is open for business - kinda

It's nice to see the local mountains are finally open. They never should have closed down. You can social distance in the back country. The Gondola is finally running on Grouse mountian now as well. They're running at 40% capacity and you have to book a spot online first.

The Grouse Grind is open. If you want to ride the gondola down you have to book a spot online otherwise you have to hike down. Last weekend I noticed the Sea to Sky Gondola was running outside Squamish. Their Gondolas are smaller and they have more of them like a chairlift so it's a bit easier to keep the line moving. Deep cove is open but there's more parking at Belcarra.

Recently I saw an ad put out by the BC Government with links to where you can apply for jobs in the food, farm and fish industry with the slogan do your part. Those are a lot more productive then Bonnie Henry's ridiculous say nothing ads for the WHO. We need to cut the cord with the WHO once and for all. Getting back to work is in everyone's interest. [BC Jobs] [Work BC]

On that note. MSN, Bill Gates Communist News Network was reporting that BC's tourist industry is struggling. Ya think? Maybe we should open up the US border you idiots. Fining American tourists in bad business. The BC government says it wants to restart the movie industry in BC. Have at it. You're going to have to open up the border to do that or let people cross for work.

When I was young I remember going to the Peace Arch border crossing and reading the inscription inside which says "May these gates never be closed." Only now they are because of a UN New World Order fraud. Shutting down the economy was far worse than the virus. We never should have done that. The MSM is criminally insane. They have a political agenda that does not include protecting freedom or our economy. We need to reject them and move forward.

Justin Trudeau's fetish for the Communist Party of China is creepy as f*ck. Yet Canada cancelling their extradition agreement with Hong Kong is a step forward. China has a magnificent history and culture that predates Communism by thousands of years. We need to help support that culture not help extinguish it. Organ harvesting of political prisoners in China must come to an end. Winnie the Pooh is no Nelson Mandela. Bill Gates cannot hide that.

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