Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Explore BC: Harrison Lake

Yesterday we soaked up the sun and took the kayaks to Harrison lake. They have a lot going on there. You can rent kayaks, jet skis, paddle boats or enjoy two hours in an inflatable water park on the lake. You need to buy a ticket and wear a life jacket but they'll take the kids out on a raft pulled by a jet ski. It looks like a lot of fun. The promenade has a ton of restaurants and the Milos Greek restaurant has an open patio on the second floor that over looks the lake. This is a kid friendly family spot. We paddled down the Harrison river and saw the petroglyph.

Kilby was pretty busy and we ended up having to fight the wind and the tide going down. When the tide comes in, the current actually changes direction. It's hard to believe that you have to fight the current paddling down the river. Yet the tide comes in and the tide goes out so if you wait it out the tide will change. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of places to beach the kayaks. The lake itself is probably a lot more fun. In November Harrison Mills is where the eagles are.

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