Wednesday, July 22, 2020

New Face Masks made by Slave Labour

Rebel News is reporting that "China is using the slave labor of persecuted and imprisoned Uighurs to make the medical PPE and masks the rest of the world now needs because the Chinese government let the disease spread outside of their border. That is, the mandatory mask orders hitting North Americans are made possible by communist slave traders in China."

"If you do have to wear a mask, or are forced to wear a mask, please make sure that it's not made by the communists!" The Uighurs are Muslims in Communist China that face the same religious persecution the Faun Gong do. Muslims, Jews and Christians have a common enemy - the Communist Party of China. We need to support religious freedom for everyone.

I'm thrilled to see that Drea Humphrey has joined the Rebel News team. Diversity makes us strong. On that note, I am also thrilled to see that Raheel Raza is also on the team. Raheel is a Muslim who opposes Radical Islam the same way most Conservative oppose White Supremacy.

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