Thursday, November 19, 2015

RCMP acted illegally in Surrey Pressure Cooker fraud

The entrapment of John Nuttall and Amanda Korody is in the news again. Today the Vancouver Province is reporting that "Judge rules there is evidence the RCMP acted illegally in undercover probe of Surrey couple convicted in B.C. legislature bomb plot." John and Amanda's lawyer has rightfully filed a petition with the court claiming entrapment because that is exactly what it was. The judge has now ordered that the legal advice given to the police be disclosed to the defense.

Sadly the judge claimed that “A finding of illegal acts, standing alone, may not be sufficient to establish an abuse of process warranting a stay of proceedings,” which isn't entirely true. Was this entrapment? Yes or no. That's really all that's on the table. The judge also stated “However, evidence that the police ignored legal advice or acted contrary to legal advice and, conversely, evidence that the police acted in good faith based on legal advice is relevant to the seriousness of their misconduct, which in turn is relevant to whether a stay of proceedings should be ordered. Illegal acts by the RCMP are also relevant to the entrapment claim.”

She claims illegal acts by the RCMP are also relevant to the entrapment claim. I can accept that. However, even if they got legal advice from a law firm that told them entrapment wasn't entrapment and acted in good faith not knowing they were breaking the law, that does not change the fact that the case has to be thrown out because entrapment did exist even if the police didn't realize what they were doing was illegal.

What is highly relevant is if the police ignored legal advice warning them that they were in fact guilty of entrapment. If they ignored that advice and proceeded unilateral, their defense is sunk and they knowingly committed entrapment instead of unknowingly. Which comes as no surprise given the fact that one of the under cover officers said "We have to call this thing off. These two couldn't plan a bag lunch let a lone a terrorist attack."

That is the point. These two did not have the means or the motive to commit this crime. The lack of means is obvious. Two Surrey drug addicts without a penny to their name. The Vancouver Province article said the RCMP had provided the accused with groceries, cigarettes, bus passes, cellphones, prepaid phone cards, a portable hard drive, clothing and cash. How much cash is not disclosed but here we are told the RCMP admitted to giving them money.

Which explains why they were so scared when they said "We've spent a lot of money on you two. Mr Big isn't going to be happy about this. You need to come up with a plan now!" They came up with a couple ideas like hitting a military target. The police agent told them they want them to plan an attack on Canada Day at the Parliament buildings instead. The police told them to do it and threatened them if they didn't.

They were a couple of broke Surrey drug addicts who were befriended by some police agents who gave them food and money. They drove them around shopping for bomb parts which the police paid for because the couple didn't have the money to buy them or a car to pick them up in. The police had to drive them to Victoria because they didn't have the money to pay the fare to take the ferry over to Vancouver Island.

They were incapable of making a pressure cooker bomb. I'm not and I'm not a drug addict. When their attempt to make a bomb failed the RCMP gave them C4 to put in the bomb to make it explode. There is no chance in Hell a Surrey drug addict is going to be able to come up with any C4 unless the police give it to them. They did not have the means to commit this crime without police assistance. That is entrapment.

The RCMP took them to a hotel to get away from their elderly grandmother who was living in the basement suit with them because it's pretty hard to convince the world an elderly Caucasian Christan grandmother is a crazed terrorist. The first time they took them to a hotel to come up with a plan all they did was play video games. The police were furious. The second time the told them MR Big is going to be really mad and had to keep reminding them to stay on task and not get distracted when they were making an unsuccessful attempt to make a pressure cooker bomb for some Mr Big they were afraid was going to kill them if they didn't do exactly as they were told. The police showed them suitcases full of money and gave them C4. Nobody can get C4. When the police agents said they could actually get C4 they were scared to death.

I have a lot more to say about this case but I will sum it up by simply saying there has never been a more clear example of entrapment in the history of the earth. Bill Tieleman talked about a similar case in the US where FBI agents paid a former drug addict thousands of dollars and a new car to plant bombs in New York against Jewish targets. If you pay a drug addict an absurd amount of money to perform a terrorist act and give them the weapons to perform that act, you haven't saved the world from a terrorist, you just created one. We need to stop spending an absurd amount of tax dollars paying drug addicts to perform terrorist acts. The entrapment needs to stop.


  1. How about those mafia guys and the angels. And what about bouchers daughter! Wow

    1. Yes I will make reference to it in my next blog post and have already posted links to the story on my web site:


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