Sunday, November 29, 2015

The movie Creed hits the theaters

We saw the movie Creed last night. My daughter was never into the Rocky movies. They were before her time. This time she saw a commercial on TV and said a hot young black guy? I'd like to see that. It is a masterpiece. Stalone has always made tasteful Rocky movies that have been positive and motivational. Rocky has heart. He is humble and hard. Arrogance is irritating. As they say in Rome, pride cometh before the fall. Rocky has good advice for life. In the trailer for this movie Apollo Creed's son says I once heard a man say it's not how hard you can hit in life, it's how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. That was the motto in the last Rocky movie.

In his last movie, Rocky Balboa, the young guy says to him in the preliminary, It's over. Rocky just looks at him and said yo it ain't over until it's over. The young kid gets irritated and says where's that from the /80's? Rocky thinks for a minute and says embarrassed, naw I think that's from the /70's. He looks at his son and his son smiles. By the end of the fight the young kid says you are one crazy old man to which Rocky responds Don't worry, you'll get there. The sands of time affect all of us. When push comes to shove we have to ask ourselves what will our legacy be?

In this movie Rocky even mentions Vancouver. Young Creed sees a picture of Rocky and his son and asks him if he trained his son to box. Naw he said, my son wasn't into that. He's a real good kid though. Smart. Has a good career. He moved away to a place called Vancouver. I had heard Stalone likes it here. Go figure. He's certainly welcome here. I think they filmed part of Rambo First Blood out near Hope.

The young Creed in this movie reminds me of a young Latino friend I trained many years ago. He was young, strong, talented and had a lot of anger. The gangs wanted him big time and he got into some trouble. Twice. Did some hard time in the US. Got into a lot of fights in prison. By the time he finally got out he had faced his anger and really got it together. Now he is the man I always knew he could be. I'm proud of him. He is family. He moved down to San Fran to be near his uncle who used to live with me when he was young. I promised I'd ride down to visit him this summer.

As Vin Deisel said in Fast and Furious, I don't have friends, I have family. How can we not talk about family when family is all we got? He also said, didn't anyone tell you never threaten a man's family? That's not a very smart thing to do. So I'm still here. In the new Terminator remix one of the characters takes a look and Schwarzenegger and says, he looks old. I've never seen an old terminator before. They explain that the machinery doesn't age but the flesh covering the machinery does. Schwarzenegger then says I am old but not obsolete. Indeed. It ain't over yet.

At the end of the movie Creed last night my daughter looks at me and asks is my make up OK? I squint and say yeah why do you see someone you know? No she said. I was crying in the movie. I look at her a little shocked. She was embarrassed and said it was sad. I similed. It was good.


  1. Hope BC was indeed where "First Blood" was filmed.

    At the conclusion of shooting the film, a "deuce and a half" (military truck) containing all the firearms used in the film was stolen. If any of them were ever recovered I never heard about it.

    Care to guess who owns a company that supplies transportation in BC to the movie business and was employed on that set? ;-) Sheer coincidence of course I'm sure....

    1. Interesting indeed. Those were some pretty nice firearms.

  2. I have, unfortunately, seen the posts the guy at neer do well has been saying.

    He tries to make the case for you being unstable but all one has to do is read his writing to see it is truly he who is, in my professional opinion, unstable.

    While it is true it could be an "act" in order to confuse people into thinking he is nuts, the question then becomes, "why"?! I can see no purpose it would hold. It would get people to question his rantings, as opposed to seriously consider them.

    I have no idea why he even has a "beef" with the HA. He certainly has not stated it as far as I could see.

    You, on the other hand, have always been clear as to why you oppose their activities - for drug dealing and the negative consequences it has had on society as a whole, as well as on individuals and their families.

    You have always been consistent and I have noted a progression/growth in your arguments, which have not contradicted each other.

    However, that never do well guy ...

    1. Exactly. I have always jokingly said there is a fine line between insanity and genius. I may be on the wrong side of that line but look at how close I came to being a genius. AV is a little of both me thinks.

      His accusations don't really make sense. One post he goes on and on about me being a rat. Right after he made a post copying stuff from my archives doing exactly what I did - reporting on crime.

      He wanted me to team up with him on a a campaign that I thought was dumb not dangerous. I said no because I thought it was dumb and because I didn't want to break the law and end up in court again. He raged on me calling me stupid and I said look, you need to get off the crack because you are sounding like a raging lunatic. That's when he completely lost it and called me a coward for disagreeing with him. That's when I stopped communicating with him entirely and he started his campaign against me.

      Why he wanted me to take my blog offline after I had already shut it down and gave him all my readers is beyond me. I have no idea. It sounds like petty jealousy. Before I linked to him he had next to no traffic. When I linked to him his traffic spiked then died off.

      He started beefing with absolutely everyone including Kim Bolan and I saw it as excessive. That's when he admitted to me his spike in traffic from my blog had died off and he started complaining about how stupid my blog readers were for not reading his blog any more.

      He has every right to run his own blog. I have no problem with that. I tried to direct him into a more positive direction and he refused so I had to pull my endorsement. The rest is history or rather high school drama. I don't have the time of day for that kind of drama and I'm certainly not going to lose any sleep over it. I'll just carry on doing my own thing. Cheers.

    2. That sounds about right.

      He should know there is a reason why people do not go back to his blog.

  3. Yup. 3 M60's, a bunch of M16's, at least one HK93/33, and some handguns.There is supposed to be a patch holder in the Vancouver area with a large personal collection in his house hidden behind some panels or something that I heard about years ago. Maybe that's where some of them went.......

  4. AV: known for creating fake profiles to bad mouth companies being publicly traded on various BBS, so it would decrease their value he did this to probably try and extort those companies for "protection" from the harassing posters (him).

    Convicted of GST fraud.

    He is now is trying to sabotage Kim's blog by multi posting bull crap He tried to shut down DAY GO by black mailing you. He is up to his old tricks , he wants to eliminate the competition since his blog sux.

  5. Just deleted my bookmark for "neer do well" blog.
    What a psycho! Totally done with that freak's ramblings...
    Stay strong Dennis -- you're a good man.

  6. Replies
    1. I'm not really surprised. Fish gonna swim. Neckbeards gonna neckbeard. Dennis gonna blog. ;-)

      But yeah, glad you're back.

    2. I suppose but I think they have razors for them neckbeards.
      Glad to be back.

  7. I wonder how ironic it would be for that person to have you retain the same person who dipopolo used against you to serve the Neer Do Well guy with one of the same lawsuits brought against you so he has to remove the material he has about you from his blog.


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