Monday, March 8, 2010

Hells Angels Niagara Falls

Indeed it has been a tough year for the Hells Angels in Niagara. Their chapter leader, Gerard Ward also known as Skinny plead guilty to trafficking cocaine and possessing the proceeds of crime and their clubhouse was seized.

Ward was caught along with five other Hells Angel members and associates delivering four kilograms of cocaine to a former member of the Oshawa chapter who became a police agent. Ward was 61 at the time.

But that's not all. Constable Dean Rudge was charged with leaking confidential documents that were found in the possession of the Hells Angels. Again.

Nicola Nero of Niagara Falls is serving nine years for selling cocaine to a police informant while on bail for stealing $2.7 million from an armoured car in 2003.

Zavisa Drecic, a former member of the Niagara chapter transferred to the Woodbridge chapter was sentenced to 8 years. He was trafficking more date rape drug. How noble. These guys are old. Trafficking date rape drug? This isn't the Niagara chapter any more. Now it's the Viagra chapter. Old men dealing drugs. Shame on you.

Not only was Drecic caught trafficking GHB, he was also caught selling a kilo of cocaine and a kilo of ephedrine in 2006 and another kilo of cocaine in 2007.

Kevin Skuta of Welland was sentenced to five years for trafficking a kilo of cocaine and more than 100 litres of date rape drug GHB. Don't forget, cry baby in court, Mark Figuereo was caught trafficking GHB in Toronto as was Vince Sanssalone in Haney. Mark brought his wife, sister and niece with him to court and cried when they sentenced him to six years in prison.

Is there anyone in the Viagra chapter that isn't a drug dealer? Please advise.


  1. grow some balls and support your local 81

    1. I think you have it backwards. Growing some balls would be standing up to the Hells Angels not paying them for protection.

  2. Growing balls would be taking advantage of the inherent stability of 4 wheels vs. 2 wheels.... ;)


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