Monday, March 29, 2010

Salvatore Cazzetta

Salvatore Cazzetta is the leader of of the Montreal Chapter of the Hells Angels and was arrested with Burton Rice in 2009 for contraband cigarettes. Police claim they used the Rice compound to traffic contraband cigarettes and crack cocaine. What an interesting combination.

Turns out that Cazzetta was a founding member of the Rock Machine and only recently crossed over to join the Hells Angels a few years ago. Turns out that Cazzetta was friends with Mom Bouchard before Bouchard joined the Hells Angels.

They were leaders of a small white supremest biker gang called the SS. Interesting to know that the biker club that claims to have it's origin as a military squad in WWII has so many references to Nazis and the SS which is exactly what the military in WWII fought against. Barger's Filthy Few patch replaced the SS lightening bolts with the number 666.

Nevertheless, Bouchard and Cazzetta were friends in charge of their own white supremest biker club working towards membership in the Hells Angels. Then the Lennoxville Massacre set them on different paths.

In March 1985 the Hells Angels chapter in Lennoxville, about 90 miles east of Montreal, invited members of the Laval chapter for a party. When the Hells Angels from Laval arrived at the party, they were ambushed and shot in the head by Hells angels from Lennoxville. One source claims they thought the Laval chapter was squandering drug profits by consuming too much of the product themselves.

Cazzetta was pissed and saw the massacre as a betrayal and violation of the biker code. Bouchard, the convicted rapist didn't have a problem with it and joined the Hells Angels. Cazzetta didn't and helped form the Rock Machine.

Interesting to note that is was likely a similar betrayal that brought Cazzetta back to the Hells Angels. The Rock Machine fought the Hells Angels because the Hells Angels were bullies who taxed everything like Rome. Not only did the Hells Angels sell drugs but they said no one else can sell drugs unless you pay the tax and pay their dues.

The Rock Machine refused and stood apart from Rome like Sparta. Only the noble quest for freedom was replaced with the right to sell drugs and pimp women without paying taxes to the Hells Angels. Somewhat different than Sparta.
The Rock Machine's web site claims they joined with the Bandidos until a similar betrayal called the Bandido Massacre and are now small but separate once again.

Once source claims that the reason for the Bandido massacre was because the Toronto chapter was holding back the Winnipeg chapter from full membership and the Winnipeg chapter wanted to take over. The source claims that a deal was struck between the Winnipeg chapter and the U.S. Bandido leadership wherein if they were to murder the Toronto leadership, the Winnipeg leadership would take over.

Seemingly the Rock Machine rightfully saw this as a betrayal and violation of biker code and is why they have separated themselves from the Bandidos. Perhaps that event is what triggered Cazzetta's return to the Hells Angels.

Nevertheless, the Bandido massacre does not make the Lennoxville massacre right and it clearly appears to be a method of operation for the business operations of the politically driven Hells Angels.

Salvatore Cazzetta has a long history of drug trafficking. So now he sells drugs for the Hells Angels which clearly is a criminal organization whose primary business is selling drugs. He pays their dues and supports their tax. He has bowed down and bent over for Rome like most other political opportunists before him. He is not an enemy of the Rock Machine, he's just another disappointment.

Living the Dream has nothing to do with selling crack and refusing to let anyone else sell drugs, cigarettes or sex in your neighborhood while you profit from it yourself.


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    1. Right you are. I had him mixed up with Lucien. Je suis un anglophone stupide.

  2. Cazetta went HA before the murders of the T-O chapter of the Bandidos so it has nothing to do with his decision, he wasn't even out of jail that his patch over was made. He got released in Febuary 2015.


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