Wednesday, November 4, 2020

US Election Results

Time Magaizine is reporting that "Votes are still being counted across the U.S. after election day failed to deliver a definitive result, with the outcome set to be determined by final tallies in a familiar handful of battleground states. In the political balance of power from coast to coast, little has seemingly changed since 2016. So far, President Donald Trump has won in states he needed to protect his narrow path to an electoral college victory, preventing former Vice President Joe Biden from flipping a large number of states Trump won last time."

The Fake News graphic has Joe Biden ahead but shows no states have changed from last election so it is all still very suspicious. Neither candidate has come close to the 270 electoral votes needed yet. Relying on the MSM to report a projected win is dubious at best.

Pollsters' predictions once again proven inaccurate - big surprise. "The election night has once again defied expectations raised by the opinion polls, which had largely predicted a clear win for Democrat Joe Biden. On a night where Democrats were hoping to flip Republican states in their favour, the reality is a much tighter race that could go down to the results in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, where counting will take more time."
Trump won the last election in 2016. Many more people who didn't vote for him last election are voting for him this election. Candace Owens led Blexit and Brandon Straka led # Walk Away. Trump has gained a surge in support since last election. People who voted for him last time certainly aren't going to join the Marxists. That makes the propoganda​ questionable.

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