Thursday, November 5, 2020

The Bright side of the US 2020 Election Fraud

OK so although the Hodge Twins are still hopeful and claim that it ain't over until the fat lady sings, I'm not as hopeful. I think the fraud is in the works just like back in the 2000 election. Instead, I will try to look at the bright side of the fraud.

First things first, since the Democrats were using the Covid fraud to make Trump look bad, we can now finally get back to business. That will be in everyone's best interest. Since the Media is so absurdly biased against Trump, we won't have to listen to their ridiculous bullsh*t anymore. Since Nancy Pelosi is an Anti Christ, she won't have to spend every waking hour trying impeach Trump. She can go back to laundering money with her son in the Ukraine just like Joe Biden and John Kerry with their sons. Think of all the crack and prostitutes Hunter will be able to buy now.

As long as we get everyone back to work and the Democrats STFU this could be a win win for everyone. I will simply record my dissent and say there is no way farmer joe won that election. Think about it. As despised as Hilary Clinton was by Republicans, she had a name and a huge following on the far left. Joe Biden doesn't. He's kind of anti climatic. He even mocked the military. There is no way he received more votes than Hilary anywhere. No way.

DEAD people registered to vote in Michigan database. Trump doesn't have the manpower to fix an election like the CIA does. DEFUND the CIA. Bernie Sanders once urged abolishing CIA.

Joe Biden was put there because he was the CIAs candidate just like George Bush and Bill Clinton were. That cabal of globalists never ended. The China Syndrome has taken root.
Another plus is that after Joe Biden raises taxes to what he pledged, all those businesses will move to Canada to find tax relief. This will make Canada great again so it will. Buyer Beware: Marxism ends in slavery and the CIA is on the wrong side of that conflict. Mark my word.

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