Thursday, July 21, 2022

Double shooting in Chilliwack - Update

Update: CTV is reporting that "A man suspected of killing two women and shooting one man at a home in Chilliwack has been found dead, the RCMP confirmed Monday. Police said he was found with weapons and died of self-inflicted injuries."

CTV is reporitng that "Two people were taken to hospital – one of them in critical condition – after an incident that prompted a large police presence on McNaught Road in Chilliwack Thursday morning. Video from the scene shows yellow police tape criss-crossing the north end of the street, near its intersection with Yale Road."


  1. Rabih (Robby) Alkhalil, just escaped North Fraser Pre-trial...

    1. Did he really escape or did he just join Jamie Bacon in Witness Protection?

    2. With the Musitanos in witness protection?

    3. I don't know about the Musitanos. I just know about Jamie Bacon:


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