Friday, July 1, 2022

10 charged in Alberta fentanyl bust

The Calgary Herald is reporting that "Police have arrested and charged 10 suspects, including three men from Okotoks, in relation to a rural Alberta fentanyl superlab with more than $300 million worth of drugs and precursors."

"The Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team’s organized crime and gang team dismantled the drug lab in a rural area near Aldersyde, about 50 kilometres south of Calgary, on July 7, 2021, in a bust they called Project Essence. It is among Canada’s largest fentanyl seizures. Almost a year later, that project has wrapped, with police arresting the 10 suspects at the start of this month."

Of the 10 people charged, 7 are from Edmonton and 3 are from Okotoks. Edmonton is red and white. CTV is reporting that police seized 27 kilos of fentanyl, 3,000 fentanyl pills, 4.5 kilos of crystal meth, 2 kilos of cociane and almost half a kilo of crack. That is huge.

This is harm reduction. This is law enforcement. When you refuse to enforce the law, innocent people suffer. These drug busts are something Alberta's gang task force does and something BC’s gang task force doesn’t do. Every province makes drug busts except BC. Ask yourself why.

May 25th a Hells Angels associate from Alberta was caught on a boat smuggling 650 kilos of crystal meth into Canada off the coast of Vancouver. Yet the BC Gang Task force doesn't arrest Hells Angels associates that sell drugs. They just want to stop members who don’t sell drugs from going on rides. The CFSEU had nothing to do with the bust. It was the DEA.

Jesse Deranger is First Nations. May 15th CTV reported on a new police task force on human trafficking on reservations in southern Alberta related to the drug trade. Okotoks is south of Calgary. Redd Alert is a First Nations gang that sell drugs for the Edmonton Hells Angels.

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  1. Other than the fentanyl, that's really not a huge amount of dope, and there's no mention as to the purity of the fentanyl in question


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