Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Joe Biden kisses Saudi a*s

Joe Biden recently went to Saudi Arabia to kiss their a*s over oil and it's obvious they think he's a clown. Everyone is comparing the Saudi's reception of Joe Biden to that of Donald Trump. I would just like to set the record straight.

Although I agree Joe Biden is an idiot, I am not a Donald Trump fan so to speak. I am a fan of Rand Paul, Candace Owens and Brandon Straka. I am not distancing myself from Donald Trump because I support globalist republicans like Mitt Romney or Mitch McConnell because I don't. I support Donald Trump far more than them. I simply want to point out that although I support Donald Trump, no one is perfect. This blind cult like admiration for Donald Trump is insane.

Saudi Arabia has deep ties to the CIA. Now I'm not hating on Saudi Arabia. Mecca is magnificent. All I'm saying is that one of the primary purposes of the provoked conflict in the Ukraine was to justify a boycott of Russian oil and support the Saudi oil monopoly. That is haram.

As Candace Owens said, "The CIA is not your friend." Iran Contra never stopped.

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