Sunday, July 31, 2022

Tamara Lich's lawyer joins Tucker Carlson

Freedom of Expression hindered on Canada Day - Poline On Guard

UK Refuses To Give Venezuela $1 Billion Of Its Own Gold

WEF Calls For End Of Private Car Ownership

Update: The Vancovuer Sun has oficially joined the ranks of Covid liars and biolab spin doctors.


  1. Just passed another gas station tonight that was out of gas ... that's the 3rd one ... the frogs are being boiled slowly ... and will soon be fooked ..... you will own nothing, and be happy - well, i'm not so sure about the happy part.

    1. Was that South Surrey:

    2. Yes ... South Surrey ..... however i'm not buying the Surrey Leader propaganda just yet as I talked with one of the gas station attendants, and she said; the problem is there's a shortage of diesel thats disrupting the trucks trying to make the deliveries of gas.

    3. Interesting. Yeah, Post Media Trash is all the same.


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