Saturday, July 16, 2022

Trudeau and Rutte pin-up boys for World Economic Forum

The World is Going Dutch - July 23rd

Dan Dicks is rpeorting that "As of June of 2022 the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau’s disapproval rating is at 59% making him one of the most hated prime ministers that Canada has ever seen. He is now getting heckled everywhere he goes and also ridiculed by non Canadians who see him as a communist dictator!"


  1. Just how did Schwab write, edit, and publish his "COVID 19; The Great Reset" book in around just 90 days after Covid arrived? .....

    ..... at 280 pages - it's likely he already had he bulk of it pre-written ......

    1. Good point. It's almost as if it was a Palndemic:

  2. That's "Neo-Communist" Dictator to the likes of ye, hah hah....LOL.....funny thing is, Klaus Schwab is the closest thing to a Neo Nazi that exists,he actually can claim to have "lineage" (not that he will) because his father moved from Switzerland to Ravensburg Germany in 1936 at the personal invitation of Albert Speer to run a Germany factory right outside the gates of Ravensburg Concentration Camp. Klaus was born in 1938 and was raised in Nazi Germany until age 7 when the war ended in 1945. That would be the formative years of 0-5 we all know about, plus a couple more. His father ran a MAJOR war production company that used slave labour, and moved in the highest circles of the Nazi political elite, yet today he claims they were persecuted because someone heard his mother speak in a Swiss accent on the train. Nice try. In Germany back then (even now really for people for that social class, they just don't emphasize it as much) she would have been "Frau Herr Doctor Direcktor Eugen Wilhelm Schwab" and her Ausweis (papers) would have reflected that. Persecuted my ass, they would not have been able to kiss his mothers ass fast enough once they found out whose wife she was. From her papers and/or a special pass she would have had. Oh by the way, Klaus Schwab's father, unlike the heads of all the other German industrial combines who used slave labour, was never even investigated, never mind prosecuted. When he died in 1982 he was STILL the Director of Escher Wyss AG, the slave labour using company in Ravensburg. That company is mostly in Switzerland these days, with a different name.....nothing going on here.....WEF is actually the National Socialist Phoenix arising from the flames long after it was thought dead. "Dr. Evil". We laugh but it's happening right before our eyes.


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