Sunday, July 10, 2022

Independent Journalist is arrested in Alberta

Update: The arrest of Andy Lee and Tamara Lich just happens to coincide with Justin Trudeau's Brokeback Mountain photo op at the Calgary Stampede.

Toronto 99 is reporting that "Calgary-based journalist Andy Lee, previously censored by Twitter for reporting on the Freedom Convoy, has been arrested in Alberta. She claims that she was arrested, taken to a hospital, then let go. At the time of writing, police are at her house again. It is unclear why she was arrested in the first place, however, many speculate it was due to her honest reporting of Justin Trudeau." Hard Times by Andy Lee.


  1. I was following this on Twitter. Very odd Rebel news started phoning the hospital. She didn't have much of a follow up story on it either. Did Rebel News ever report on it? Seems fishy to me.

    1. It was fishy that she was arrested. That's the only thing fishy about it. I'm sure Rebel News called the hospital to offer their assistance. Likely offering her a lawyer like they did for all those fight the fines cases. I don't know whether or not Rebel News wrote about it. If they didn't relese her I'm sure they would have.


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