Saturday, November 3, 2012

More details in Larry Amero’s Montreal drug bust

The Vancouver Sun, the Vancouver Province and the CBC are all reporting that Larry Amero’s recent drug bust in Montreal had the capacity to import and distribute about 75 kilograms of cocaine per week. Police seized 400 firearms, explosives, $255,000 in cash, marijuana, cocaine and other drugs. Kim Bolan reported that seized explosives were like 1,486 sticks of dynamite. Police reported that "The group did not hesitate to use violence to take control and expand their territories."

Police are still looking for four of the six men they considered leaders of the operation: Mihale Leventis, Frédéric Lavoie, Rabih Alkhalil and Timoleon Psiharis. Before Thursday, police seized 153 kilograms of cocaine and 46,100 units of methamphetamines, along with 161 guns, 291 prohibited weapons, 1,486 explosives and 50 detonators in a sweep connected to the latest raids.

So here we have another cross border drug operation involving BC bud and the Hells Angels bringing cocaine back into Canada that has resulted in a violent drug war murdering rivals over territory and ruthless torture and murder of addicts for drug debts. That makes three strikes for criminal organization status. Rob Shannon and Jody York in Weird Hal’s dumb video. Tbarz which is NOT under new management, connected to a huge cross border drug ring involving the Hells Angels implicating Randy and Trevor Jones.

Now Larry Amero from the same Whiterock chapter Randy Jones, the real owner of Tbarz, is from is charged in another cross border ring tied to the Hells Angels in BC and the Montreal drug trade. That’s three strikes to criminal organization status.

We know the Whiterock Hells Angels have been involved in the Surrey drug trade ever since the Surrey House of Horrors. Now we hear the Whiterock chapter is expanding and starting it’s own Surrey chapter. So when they say Tbarz is under new management, does that mean it’s under the Surrey Hells Angels management not the Whiterock Hells Angels management any more?

The Vancouver Province is reporting that although Larry Amero was from the Whitercock Hells Angels, whose clubhouse is in Langley, he now belongs to the West Point Hells Angels. What an offensive joke. What they don’t want to call themselves the Surrey Hells Angels because they don’t want everyone to think they are LOSERS from a toilet? These guys are everything the real west point stands against. They’re better off sticking with the Jesters name and logo because clearly they are still a bunch of clowns who just don’t get it.

It’s actually pretty funny Larry Amero is telling people he’s from the Surrey chapter now when he can’t show his face in Surrey. I guess they’ll have to build the Surrey Hells Angels clubhouse out in Abbotsford with his friends the three little piggies. Sorry, two little piggies now. One’s dead. The Bacon brothers are hated in Surrey. That’s why the suburban princesses had to move out to Abbotsford where they have police protection. If Larry Amero and the Hells Angels supported the Bacon brothers, then they are hated in Surrey too. Larry Amero and the cub pack on Gilligan’s Island. Good luck with that Silicone soldier. Gangster You Not. Let's Give it up for NYC.


  1. "For a second time this week, police have broken up a major international drug network with links to Vancouver that was importing a tonne of cocaine a month."

    A ton...?! That is far outside the range of Rob Shannon, the UN loads, around 100-200 kilos. That shows the massive criminal group that could arrange such a huge shipment. This is a huge warning sign...1) the 14 tons of pecursors, 2) this...importing thru Canada's lightweight Border Security...then on to the USA? All that blow can't be just for Canada...these are giant busts...very worrying...

  2. Yeah I saw that on Kim’s blog. I have a few stories to catch up on but wanted to waiting until the frenzy over the Larry Amero bust dies down. I didn’t notice it was a ton a month. That is huge. The Niagara Hells Angels did nothing but sell drugs. Sounds like this bust is connected to the Montreal bust through Rabih (Robby) Alkhalil. The Western Wind cocaine seizure was 2 1/2 tonnes. Giles was implicated but never charged. If the Hells Angels use violence to take over all the grow ops in BC I can’t see that large of an operation not involving them. The size of the shipments is indeed concerning. It all boils down to one thing: greed.


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