Friday, November 23, 2012

Gary Webb was Right

I’m going to start the Gary Webb tribute early because I want to get it all out there for us to think about this December which I have referred to as the Gary Webb appreciation month. The first point I want to make is that Gary Webb was right. He said the CIA were responsible for the US crack epidemic in the /80’s and that drug plague was tied to the Nicaraguan war. He was right. He was ridiculed, persecuted and bullied for saying what he did, but he documented everything and since then many more witnesses have come forward.

Iran contra wasn’t just about selling arms to Iran to free some hostages. Not at all. Iran contra was about selling Iran arms to raise money for the contra rebels in Nicaragua. It had nothing to do with freeing hostages. Clearly the first element of the ongoing three part series is arms dealing. Just like in the movie Lord of War, it’s not just arms dealing to our allies. It’s arms dealing to whoever just so we can make money selling guns and ammunition.

Ultimately, Iran contra was about raising money to help Nicaragua fight Communism. The agency rationalized some of their unscrupulous actions with the argument the end justifies the means when it surely does not. Selling weapons was one way to make money. Drug trafficking was another. Even in the movie Lord of War, eventually the war lords started paying for the arms with drugs. This is exactly what happened in Iran contra. Arms went in to Nicaragua on military planes and cocaine came back to the US by the ton. Mena Arkansas was one of the hubs in this drug trafficking network.

Bill Clinton was tied to this operation in Mena and helped crash the BCCI as a result. Hilary Clinton was tied to the operation through her law firm in Little Rock. Barry Seal was one CIA operative caught drug trafficking for the CIA. Chip Tatum was another who came forward. There have been many more.

I want to emphasize the opposition Gary Webb faced in breaking and standing by his story until his untimely death. Catherine Austin Fitts talked about the attack poodles that were sent out to discredit and bury the story. The bullying was so invasive his newspaper started to back away from the story.

Dewey Clarridge is a lying sack of sh*t. He tried to discredit the Gary Webb story by using that same old conspiracy mockery. “Don’t give me that conspiracy bullsh*t. You’re a more intelligent man than that. There has never been a conspiracy in this country.” Dateline was quick to point out that even if the Gary Webb story was false, there has been conspiracies in the United States. Iran contra was one of them. One which Duane Clarridge was involved with. Clarridge was indicted in November 1991 on seven counts of perjury and false statements. On Christmas Eve 1992 in the waning hours of his presidency, George H. W. Bush pardoned Clarridge before his trial could finish. He still has his own private spy firm involved with the opium in Afghanistan.

I just want to pause and emphasize that Duane Clarridge is not a patriot. He used the conspiracy mockery to hide a criminal and treasonous act. That is why I don’t have the time of day for people who keep reusing that same treasonous argument. Gary Webb was not a conspiracy theorist even though they mocked him and claimed he was. Gary Webb was right and those disinformation dogs are not patriots. They are something else. Gary Webb is the real patriot.


  1. Okay Dennis, who's the alphabet agency you work for , 🤣. Geez you got all the dirt the guys must be just vibrating watching you lay it down 😁. What's the worst could happen right 😷.keep it coming , I knew local 81 was getting help😉
    One Newfie in BC

    1. The CIA are the biggest drug traffickers on the planet.


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