Thursday, November 1, 2012

Larry Amero busted in Montreal

Big news. Larry Amero busted in Montreal for drugs. First Skeletor, now Larry Amero. Oh Happy Day. And they said there was no God. Police said 103 people were arrested today in different parts of Canada including two of the alleged ring leaders: one tied to the Hells Angels in British Columbia and another linked to Montreal’s infamous Irish West End Gang. I thought Maloney sounded Irish. Bloody Hell. Don’t tell me the Irish brothers are in bed with those back stabbing bitches. What is this world coming to?

Are they gonna get an Irish brother to firebomb a funeral home? Shame. Remember Milltown? Ya bastards have probably never been to Milltown cemetery. Instead you’re pissing on a dead soldiers grave by turning Ireland’s fair daughters into crack hos, chained to a bed, addicted to crack. Why you oughta be ashamed of yourselves. Patrick Pearse and James Connolly would never have supported that. Not to mention Bobby Sands.

OK first things first – Larry Amero. Any pictures I have of Larry the media is free to use. The picture of Larry Amero and his DEAD puppet Randy Naicker is property of the Vancouver Sun. The picture of Larry outside the Montreal courthouse for his DUI is property of a Montreal paper. The Journal I think. The other pictures people have sent me and anyone is free to use them at will. Come to think of it, David Giles had a DUI not long ago.

Larry is easy to spot because of his deadheads on the back of both hands. He is or at least was stocky from doing steroids. He was skinny in Walnut Grove Secondary and was picked on. That’s why he turned to steroids. His father was a longshoreman. That’s how he hooked up with the Hells Angels. So if you see a stocky guy with lots of tattoos, Merle Norman eyebrows and a ridiculous man purse, that’s Larry. The deadheads on the back of his hands clinches it.

Larry isn’t just a player, he’s a dog. A dirty dog. Le chien sal as the say in Quebec. Public outrage started in Surrey after the Surrey Six murder. When the Bacon brothers murdered the leaders of the old Red Scorpions and two innocent bystanders to take over the leadership of the Red Scorpions and make them a Hells Angels puppet club just like they did to the Death Riders in Laval back in the day of Mommy Dearest and Biff Hammel.

The picture of Larry Amero and Randy Naicker is evidence that Larry was associated with Randy Naicker who was with the Bacon brothers in the Castel fun park meeting in Kevlar before the Surrey six murder. I don’t want to flog a dead horse, but we knew Larry was friends with Jonathon Bacon back then. We just couldn’t prove it. We could only prove that Larry’s friends were friends with Bacons friends. Until he was shot when he was bragging about his association with Jonathon Bacon in Kelowna. That wasn’t a chance meeting. It was a public endorsement of what was secret before then.

It wasn’t just a matter of doing business with both sides. It wasn’t even a matter of playing both sides. It was a bold outright deception. Matt the rat Schrader got his pal Dirty ex cop Rob Sidhu to use his connections to find the location of the Bacon brothers for the UN. Matt the rat Schrader was affiliated with Rob Shannon and the ridiculous Weird Hal Porteous. They did this to “prove” to the UN, the hells angels were on their side.

The UN at the time were in a bitter war with the Bacon dirt bags. Three suburban princesses who have never been to the hood and were empowered by their secret support from the Hells Angels. They were the ones responsible for that outrageous murder of that mother with her toddler in the car in Surrey because her husband was affiliated with the UN and she was affiliated with the guy who owned the suite the Surrey six murder took place in and was gunned down later on in the Guildford parking lot.

It even went so far that the Bacon brothers were shot at outside Tbarz, a Hells Angels strip club owned by Randy Jones and is not under new management. The same place that was implicated in the US indictment for a massive Hells angels cross border drug ring. By now the UN are getting suspicious of Larry Amero and the Hells angels loyalties. Larry was not acting on his own. The Hells angels did not put a hit on Larry in Kelowna. Larry was on official club business. That is why they have him doing official club business in Montreal. Oh right you’re busted.

So anyways, the UN aren’t convinced and want some kind of assurance Larry and the Hells Angels are on their side so Larry let’s his ex girlfriend ride in the car with them to do the hit. I’m not sure if that’s her in the top picture with Larry but it sure looks like her. Sarah Trouble. I mean Trebble. The spin doctors claimed Sarah was Larry’s ex and was doing her own thing on her own accord but Kim Bolan found they still shared a car lease together.

My point is, Larry Amero and the Hells Angels aren’t just players who play both sides, they are dirty dogs who lie to, use and betray everyone they meet and cast them aside like a dirty shoe when they can’t get anymore out of them.

As for the Alkhalil brothers, I had a tip after the shooting that Larry Amero and Jonathon Bacon went to one of the Alkhalil brother’s wedding before they were shot in Kelowna. Another one of the Alkhalil brothers were shot in the Loft Six shooting. That was ages ago. That was back when the Independent soldiers were Independent. They used to be an Indo Canadian gang separate from the Hells Angels. After the Loft Six shooting their leaders were all killed off and their group became another Hells Angels puppet club. Hence the drool on Randy Naicker’s chin in his picture with Larry Amero. I sure hope that's drool.

The Alkhalils have cocaine convictions. If they are associated with Larry Amero, they are doing business for the Hells angels. The same white supremacists that support the White Boys Posse in Northern Alberta. Just like how the former SS white supremacists Mom Boucher and Salvatore use Greg Wooley to supply all the Crips in Montreal with cocaine. And since they murdered the leader of the Bo Gars because they didn’t want to work for the Hells Angels, it looks like they’ve taken over that entire market too. With all this exclusive control of the drugs in Montreal, there is no way the Hells Angels weren’t involved in the recent execution of the Rizzutos.

Now for the West End Gang. Don’t get me started. In West Belfast, if a crack dealer sells crack, the RA will shoot him dead. The RA as in the IRA. Now I don’t know who’s doing what with the West End gang in Montreal, but I do know they are seriously messed up. Especially if they are doing business with the backstabbing Hells Angels. Buyer beware, the shit is going to hit the fan. Speaking of Larry Amero, where is DY?


  1. Yuh know, maybe there is a diabolical plan buried inside this madness. Instead of sending out 10,000 soldiers to round up all the drug dealers, let the Hells Angels take over all the other clubs, and then you only need 1,000 soldiers to round up the remaining Angels.
    Wicked and Weird.

    1. I think the Hells Angels murdering all the rival drug dealers including people who want to grow and sell their own pot is wicked and weird. I don’t think Harper’s smart enough to unleash that kind of a plan.

  2. Kim B. picks up the Larry Amero story;

    "SQ Insp. Michel Forget said the drug gang used a middleman to cooperate with Mexican drug cartels and appeared to have the capacity to import and distribute about 75 kilograms of cocaine per week. Police also seized an arsenal of weapons, including 400 firearms as well as explosives like 1,486 sticks of dynamite."

    "Amero and Maloney, both 35, and Alkhalil, 25, are the alleged kingpins of the cross-country cocaine ring..."

    "But Amero had been travelling back and forth between Quebec and B.C. regularly and was in Vancouver just last month."

    "Likewise, Maloney, part of Montreal’s Irish West End gang, was talking to real estate agents about purchasing Lower Mainland property just this past summer, The Vancouver Sun has learned."

    1. Yeah and this Maloney guy is in a wheelchair. I guess that’s why they call him wheels. Kinda strange. I’m told he’s from here, was enrolled in Burnaby South High School and would regularly rip people off in bad drug deals. Not a promising leader to embrace. Sounds more like a comedy than real life.

  3. The SQ (Surete du Quebec) mentioned in they're news conference that important people from the Montreal Mafia were rounded up with Amero and crew....So how do you feel about your theory of the Hell's taking out the mob now?? eh? told you so

    1. Au contraire, I think it proves what I was saying has right. When it says this drug ring was tied to the Italian Mafia, I’d say they are referring to the Calabrians out of Hamilton not the Rizzutos out of Montreal. Either way, it shows the Hells Angels exclusive control of the drug trade in Montreal which would mean the Rizzuto murders had to have been done with their permission if not with their authorization. It made reference to the Irish Mafia in Montreal who historically has done business with both the Hells Angels and the Rock Machine just like the Rizzutos. Which means the Hells Angels will in time betray them just like they did the Rizzutos.

  4. amero... what a shady character

    guy lives in ille des soeurs and runs a massive drug ring

    seen him a couple of times on the island... guy has been through a lot. probably seen hundreds of friends die and imprisoned, give him a break... we are all the same

    whats the difference between being controlled by a corrupt government if we are all slaves to the system and to this proposed way of life where we work for 10 dollars an hour and live a meaningless life

    why can a man work for his whole life and make a million dollars over 25 years and everybody is supposed to be proud of him and how he "achieved" this great feat. But when a man goes against the government and makes that million in a week by selling some crushed up cocoa leaves then this is what society calls criminal.


    I dont support selling drugs or illegal activities but i can't help but notice this fucking disgusting world we live in where we are made to believe that the only way to live is to be a slave for the government and keep your mouth shut while the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer.

    1. The guy has been through a lot? Give me a break. The guy’s a suburban princess who sells crack and is responsible for a huge number of murders just like David Giles is. He didn’t give Chris Mohan or Ed Schellenberg a break. He didn’t give Nikki Alemy a break either when they shot her dead with her toddler in the car. These people were murdered because Larry Amero and the Hells Angels supported and empowered the Bacon brother idiots to take over that part of the drug trade. Not only is he responsible for all the violent murders of rival drug dealers but all the torture and murders of crack addicts they created who can’t pay their debts. No wonder he was in bed with Jonathon Bacon. He is part of the same swine flu. No antibiotics will ever be able clear that std up. I don’t sell crack. Blaming the government for that kind of greed is absurd.

  5. You do not seem to know much about organized crime in montreal. They are far more advanced here than in BC. The mob is one of the most powerful in the world, and the west end gang are up there as well. The Hells angels in quebec serve as distribution for drugs, whereas the italians and the west end gang are importers and involved in many other white collar type crimes and construction rackets.

  6. Bo Gars, not Bo Bars. It's from "beau gars" meaning "good looking guys."

    1. Yeah that was a typo, thanks. Gars as in Garcons.


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