Friday, November 23, 2012

Vic Toews muzzles Bob Paulson

Vickileaks is now trying to muzzle Bob Paulson for honestly trying to address the problems within the RCMP. No big surprise there. They do fire whistleblowers you know. They didn’t want Paulson to actually fix the problem, they just wanted him to spin it. Vicky needs to get a real job.


  1. I recall you being hopeful about Paulson. I also recall saying nothing would change. I take no pleasure in being proved right, but I'll also bet they are already looking around for his replacement and how they will spin his early departure from a position he could have expected to occupy for a while.

    You are correct, they do not want reform. They want control. They already have it. They do not intend to give it up.

  2. Yes I did and yes you did. I am still hopeful about Paulson but it is clear his hands are tied by Harper and Vicky who clearly do not want to deal with the problem they just want to sweep it under the carpet and spend a few million on commercials to make everyone feel good. The sad thing is, it's the Harper government who are denying everything in the class action sexual harassment suit against the RCMP. Having the Commissioner admit wrong was done doesn't help their widespread denial to avoid an out of court settlement. Yet denying everything doesn't ever solve the problem it just perpetuates it. Which simply means it will keep happening until the law suits are finally successful. Best thing to do is be honest and deal with it. Paulson sees that. Harper and Vicky don't.


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