Saturday, November 17, 2012

The War in Gaza

OK I’m going to have to weigh in here. The tensions in Gaza are spilling over to protests in Canada and it behooves us to see the insanity for what it is. I am the first one to admit that Israel is not always right. I am the first one to admit that I am not comfortable giving Israel or anyone else for that matter, a blank cheque of endorsement. Yet this time, I agree with Stephen Harper’s position on Israel. Which doesn’t mean I don’t still have serious concerns about Harper handing over our oil rights to Communist China and signing trade agreements that gives up our sovereignty because I do. What it does means is that although no two people agree on every political issue, no two people disagree on every issue either.

Let’s take a step back to the previous violence in Gaza and look at the wrong that was done by both sides. Gaza says we want to be free. We want to be independent from Israel. Israel says, OK. They pull out and let Gaza have more control of their sovereignty. So what does Gaza do as soon as Israel pulls out? They start firing rockets into Israel at random. That was crazy.

I thought it was absurd how some Canadian trade unions were speaking out against Israel and denouncing a wall they built to protect themselves from rocket attacks demanding the wall be taken down. Those Canadians are crazy. They have no right to make such an absurd claim. If someone was firing rockets at me, I’d build a wall to protect myself too. That was the least aggressive and most peaceful solution conceivable.

So Israel pulls out of Gaza and Gaza responds by firing rockets into Israel. Israel then launches military strikes at points in Gaza where the rockets are being fired from. Fair enough. Israel even called in advance giving Gaza warning about a military strike in a rocket launching area. So the nutbars in Gaza then send in crazed woman screaming like they belong in an institution rushing to where Israel said they were going to strike wanting to be a martyr for the cause so Gaza could tell the world Israel was killing civilians. Not only was that crazy, it was dishonest.

I do think Israel using white phosphorous on civilians in Gaza that it bought from the US was extreme and over board. Yet they did have a right to protect themselves and strike at militant areas that were firing rockets into Israel. That’s a given. Nutbars rushing into the areas to increase civilian casualties to gain public sympathy was pure insanity and complete dishonesty.

The very fact that Gaza keeps firing rockets into Israel shows why Israel needs to maintain a naval blockade against Gaza. Not against food or medical supplies but against arms that they will clearly use against Israel.

Let us remember that Gaza is different from the rest of Palestine. The residents of Gaza are not the original inhabitants of Gaza. The Philistines were. The Philistines were conquered by Egypt under king Rames and carried away as slaves. No doubt there are many people and many families in Gaza that are normal people who just want a normal life. Yet there are many insane wackos that want to destroy Israel at any cost and play the victim to gain public sympathy as they do so. They don’t have my support.

Perhaps Gaza should be given back to Egypt. Gaza is clearly not mature enough to run themselves.


  1. you say "gaza keeps firing rockets" but its not gaza, its terrorists, israel has proven time and time again that they can kill terrorists with amazing precision so this wholesale bombing of gaza is excessive and atrocious, on one side you have a handfull of terrorists firing home-made rockets into israel, on the other, one of the worlds best trained armies firing millions of dollars worth of missiles into gaza, thats not "defending" yourself, thats a war crime! israels blockade of gaza was done under the guise of stopping arms from entering gaza, yet the rocket attacks continue? i think the real reason for the blockade is for israel to flex its muscle over the palistinians, its not enough for israel to control palistinians access to electricty and water, they need to control their access to food and medical supplies, as long as israel keeps the palistinians under their thumbs, israel knows terrorists will keep firing rockets, this gives israel the excuse it needs to continue their oppression. much respect to the many israelis who can see that what their government is doing is wrong, much shame to the u.s. and the rest of the world who cant see it or just dont do anything about it.

  2. If it was just terrorists from Gaza firing rockets then the government of Gaza would make some attempt to stop them but they aren't. That means it's not just terrorists or it means the current government of Gaza are terrorists. That's why I think Gaza should become part of Egypt. A responsible government stops people from firing rockets from it's country into another country. Sadly if Egypt tried to stop them, then Gaza would probably start firing rockets at them. That is why they need to be under an arms embargo. Stopping food or medical supplies from getting through is wrong. But stopping weapons from getting through is not. The Palestinian conflict and the Gaza conflict are two different entities.

    1. in your article you didnt say the government of gaza was firing rockets, you said gaza, my point wasnt that hamas isnt a terrorist organization, my point was there 1.7 million people living in gaza, the majority of which has done nothing wrong, yet they are bearing the brunt of the israeli retribution, you dont need to lump all these people in with hamas or the terrorists by repeatedly saying "gaza did this and gaza did that" and then at the end of the article say "oh yeah no doubt there are many people in gaza that are normal". in your article you said "if people were firing rockets at me i'd build a wall too" first of all a wall doesnt stop rockets attacks does it, israel built the wall as a land grab. secondly "if a government took your land, cut off your access to water and electricity, blocked food and medical supplies, bombed the shit out of the 365 sq. kilometer ghetto they've walled you into and the rest of the world did nothing to help, what would you do?" israel has the ability to launch pin-point missile attacks to kill those firing rockets, there is no reason and no defense for what they are doing!

    2. Your position is very one sided and I’m not going to argue about it, I’m just going to disagree. You rationalize Gaza firing rockets at Israel after Israel pulled out of Gaza and gave them more autonomy. I can’t accept that. Although there are no doubt innocent families in Gaza caught in the crossfire, Gaza is filled with nutbars that want to destroy Israel at all costs and no one in Gaza is making any attempts to stop them. Sending in crazed women last time when Israel gave them a warning of a military strike to increase civilian casualties was absolutely insane. My position is simple. I don’t support what Gaza is going.

      I don’t think Israel is always right. I don’t think they should block food or medical aid. Yet the people of Gaza have to take ownership for their own choices that have contributed to the problem. Firing rockets into Israel as soon as Israel pulled out of Gaza is wrong. Claiming that the Palestinians are the original inhabitants of Gaza is untrue. There are valid concerns about the Palestinian conflict within Israel that need to be addressed. Acting like wackos isn’t the way to do it. It doesn’t gain public support.

  3. You certainly know your stuff when it comes to gangsters and bikers... but your opinion on the tensions in the holy land are filled with mainstream media biased which is a far cry from the truth of the conflict in that region. Israel is an apartheid racist genocidal state; and our government endorses them along with every other NATO government. This is the biggest gang on earth and the story on this is centuries old. No amount of miniscule modern day mainstream media perspective will ever reflect the truth of the matter when it comes to Palestine. Of course you are entitled to your opinion and I mean no disrespect; and I commend you on your efforts here when it comes to your focus on criminal activity. I just want to offer the readers of this page another opinion to investigate. Peace

  4. Thanks for your input. My opinion on Israel and Palestine doesn't come from a tv set and aren't influenced by mainstream media. I lived and worked on a Kibbutz in Israel when I was young and supported a local group called Neve Shalom Wahat al Salam which simply means oasis of peace. A wonderful community in Israel where Jews and Palestinians live together in peace based on principles of religious freedom.

    Recently I expanded on the conflict in my 2012 political meltdown post. Blind endorsement of Israel is just as naive as blind endorsement of Palestine. Both have a right to exist. Either's quest to wipe the other off the face of the earth is wrong. Mossad's involvement with the CIA in drug trafficking and investment fraud is a huge concern for everyone. Yet the holocaust is a tragic event no one wants to see repeated. The inherit problem that I see is the fact that Israel has chosen to establish a Jewish State. Which in my opinion is as problematic as the establishment of an Islamic state. Citizens who are not Jews or Muslims are thereby denied citizenship. Palestinians in Israel are residents without a passport and are citizens without a nation. It is hugely problematic. I prefer a free Republic defined by a constitution protecting human rights not a manifesto abolishing them.


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