Saturday, November 10, 2012

The FU Crew and the Outlaws

Looks like the Ontario Village Idiots have just become the hunted. A second shooting in London Ontario targeting the Hells Angles appears to be linked to the FU Crew tied to the Outlaws. I’d say that’s a natural consequence... of being an idiot.

The fires and shootings erupted because the FU Crew and the Outlaws motorcycle club are pushing back at the Hells Angels' attempt to take over the drug trade in London, multiple sources said. "The Hells Angels have terrorized everyone for 10 years," said one man.

Ten months after a Hells Angels leader was shot in London, police have arrested a fifth person in the attempted murder. The attempted murder charge indicated Jason Greenwood is accused of counseling another person to murder Diamond Ialenti, the reputed Hells Angels leader shot Jan. 11 during a tense turf war in London.

Besides the shooting outside the Hells Angels clubhouse, a strip club, tattoo shop and two massage parlours believed to be connected to gang members were set on fire, and a house was shot at over a two-day period, with total damage estimates at almost $200,000.


  1. I dont understand your link to the ebay site. Are you suggesting that I support the Outlaws due to their effort to rid the world of the HA's?

  2. No, I just added the link to verify that there is a legitimate presence there and that I'm not making it up.


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