Saturday, November 3, 2012

Brock Palfrey pleads guilty in drug ring

Brock Palfrey from Coldstream has pleaded guilty to trafficking on behalf of a criminal organization in a multi million dollar drug trafficking ring that moved cocaine and ecstasy across the Saskatchewan-Montana border.

The drug ring moved more than a tonne of cocaine from California across the Saskatchewan-Montana border and into B.C. In time, he maximized the trips by adding 790,000 ecstasy pills and 60 pounds of B.C. bud, destined for U.S. cities. The crown is seeking a 25 year sentence. Unlikely in Canada. I thought he was being tried in the States.

Turns out he’s being tried in a Saskatchewan court. Better than a BC court but not as good as a US court. 25 years is a long time. Unless they’re convicting real ring leaders like Larry Amero or David Giles, a 25 year sentence isn’t going to stop anything. The Hells Angels will just get another mule like Rob Shannon.

Coldstream is part of Vernon where we know the Vernon Greeks used extreme violence to maintain control of the drug trade. The Vernon Greeks was found with Hells Angels support gear in their possession. Hard to conceive Brock wasn’t supplying the Vernon Greeks in that large of an operation. One thing is for sure, Brock wasn’t the ring leader.

Once again we see drug trafficking charges on behalf of a criminal organization laid without naming the criminal organization. I have sources that claim Brock was working with the Hells Angels and was threatened by them just like Rob Shannon’s co accused was, to keep his mouth shut. I do feel sorry for Brock’s family but you’ve got to admit, all that money driving fancy cars and no real job is a red flag. Rob Shannon’s father was seen riding in his son’s expensive boat pulled by that ridiculous truck. He had to have known where that money was coming from.


  1. Maybe the police think that the network of hell's angels is larger than the network of law enforcement.

    The only other way a criminal organization could continue to escape justice, would be protection from a combined network of politicians, police and judges, who control the entire cycle of justice, as well as controlling the governing body of lawyers.

    The network of government insiders that operate the cycle of justice, is a criminal organization itself.

  2. I say again who has the guts to tell the Full story on the HUGE Vernon Drug Trafficking Ring (Aided for decades by Vernon RCMP Dirty Dozen) in operations for decades??????
    Local Businesses owned and operated by HA, and Gangsters like Tran, Palfrey, 'Cougar' Calgary HA, Robatzek, Zenon Stepkowski etc. etc. - all friends of RCMP OIC and BRASS of S. E. Sector!
    Huge Warehouses full of Chopped parts from Stolen Vehicles, 4 motels Drug Trafficking for HA, All Elite Property Developments used to Launder Profits from the Drug Trade, Millions of dollars Laundered by Jason Baker (who RCMP deny any knowledge of, tied to High Society and Politicians connected to DT in BC) etc. etc.
    Time for a FULL review of RCMP involvement in the Judiciary interference for the purpose of Protection Racket (RCMP)!!!


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