Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Legalization of Pot

The second thought I wanted to mention was all this frenzy about the legalization of pot now that Washington and Colorado said yes. California I might add, said no. To me it’s kinda like Gay pride. What two consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. Yet parading around half naked in public with whips and chains handing out free condoms isn’t really a family friendly event.

If someone wants to smoke a blunt in private that’s their business. Yet parading around in public flaunting it and forcing others to smell it and inhale all that second hand smoke gets carried away. I’ll be the first one to admit that I don’t support mandatory minimum sentences for smoking pot. Nor do I think sending people to jail for smoking pot is productive. Yet we know what human nature is like. We know how people get carried away on 420. I don’t support the legalization of pot. I support the decriminalization of pot. There’s a big difference.

Recently there was a headline in the paper about how a pot advocate won the lottery and has committed to spend a portion of his winnings on legalizing pot in Canada. I find it somewhat amusing that all of a sudden they are referred to as pot advocates. Back in the day we called them stoners. People who smoked pot all the time and were basically burn outs. Society didn’t look up to them back then. Times have changed.


  1. Sorry, I'm not going to debate it here. I disagree with the legalization of pot. There are way too many people out there that smoke way too much pot and many do so while driving. I don't like second hand cigarette smoke and I don't want to be around second hand pot smoke. There are plenty of blogs to sing and promote the legalization of pot. This isn't one of them. Things are already totally out of hand with 420. Legalizing it would make it worse. I was joking about 420 with a guy who then went on and on about how everyone on his construction site was blazing on 420. Doing it on the job site is not safe. Yet I digress. I'm not going to debate the pros and cons of legalization. I disagree with it and that is my right. I support decriminalization not legalization. End of story.

  2. My wife has cancer, treats many of the unpleasant symptoms with pot... "decriminalization" works for us!

  3. Indeed. Medicinal use is a given. That is currently allowed.


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