Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Separation between Church and State

I have two moral thoughts before catching up on some biker news back east. The first involves the separation of church and state. Someone brought this to my attention on facebook and I’m astounded it’s even being considered. In Riverside, California there’s a popular hiking trail on Mount Rubidoux.

Mount Rubidoux is a public park beloved by the community and has had a cross on its top since 1907. It is home to what locals say is the longest-running outdoor Easter sunrise service, which began in 1909. A group of extremists calling themselves advocates for the separation of church and state have threatened to sue city council if the cross isn’t taken down. As a result, the citizens are rallying together to preserve the religious and historical monument.

Before we weigh in and debate the issue we need to clarify one thing. This group that claims to be advocates for the separation of church and state are anything but. They are not advocates for the separation of church and state. They are advocates for the elimination of church. Before we go anywhere let’s be honest about that simple fact before we let anyone pervert and destroy the sacred constitution.

If this is a religious and historical monument, then tearing it down would be a violation of the constitution and their freedom of religion. It’s not about preserving Christian principles, it’s about preserving the constitution. Tearing down all the statues of Buddha or Islam or any religious symbol is not supporting the separation of church and State. It’s supporting a Marxist Leninist Atheist sate I.E. Communism where you’re not allowed to worship how where or what you may. That is where we are going with this. Just so we’re clear.

It is Communism that tells us we’re not allowed to go to church. It is communism that tells us we’re not allowed to pray or have religious symbols. It is the Constitution that tells us yes we can. It is the Constitution that tells us, yes we are allowed to pray and have religious symbols. First they came for the Christians, then they came for the Muslims. Then they came for the Buddhists. All we were left with was a Communist state with no human rights. That is not the road any of us want to take.

Come to think of it, there’s a group in California that want to outlaw circumcision. Next they’ll want to outlaw personal hygiene. Jews and Muslims both believe in circumcision. That is their constitutional right. Violating the constitution is against the law. Everyone gets all freaked out as soon as someone threatens to sue. Let them sue and make a counterclaim for costs and damages. The constitution needs to be preserved. We know what the end result is if it isn’t.

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  1. What an excellent, sensible post. You have hit dead on with one insight; that the atheists don't want religion "in its place"; but the end of the Christian religion. And, I'm not a Church-go-er, either, just like you, I want common good sense to prevail in all aspects of our lives...


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