Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top U.S. commander in Afghanistan under investigation

I’m all for scandals and conspiracies but this one is simply tabloid trash and when you put it together with the recent resignation of the director of the CIA, it smells fishy. Gen. John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan is now under investigation for what is being described as "inappropriate communication" between the general and a woman implicated in the scandal swirling around former CIA director David Petraeus.

An unnamed Pentagon official told the Associated Press that between 20,000 and 30,000 pages of emails and other communications between Allen and Jill Kelley are under review. A senior defense official would only tell AP that some of the emails could be described as "flirtatious." However, other top officials have told AP that generally speaking, the messages are not sexually explicit.

Kelley was the recipient of threatening emails from Paula Broadwell, the 40-year-old woman with whom Petraeus, 60, admitting to having an extramarital affair. As the world turns. Who the hell cares? This is just soap opera drama. However, it does launch a parade of red flags. First we have big brother combing through 30,000,000 pages of private e-mail after searching their entire home for whatever they’re really looking for. Second, we have the Pentagon sending out press releases giving the media updates. That’s a red flag. If they weren’t out to get these guys, they’d be hushing it up. Instead, they’re on a character assignation campaign which is the first thing they do to a potential whistleblower.

Remember the Secret Service agents in Columbia that were caught stiffing a prostitute? There were tons of high ranking officials involved. No Pentagon press releases about that one and low and behold, it’s all swept under the carpet. Surprise surprise. Another red flag is that fact that General John Allen took over the command in Afghanistan from General David Petraeus. That means they knew each other and have worked together. It’s even possible that they were friends with each other.

Let’s put this in perspective. I certainly don’t condone adultery. Yet I find getting all freaked out because General Allen had private correspondence with some woman completely disproportionate when we say nothing about US troops helping protect the Opium farms in Afghanistan. That’s the real scandal right there. Not a word said about that though because the pentagon aren’t sending press releases out about that.

Reversing the contract for the oil pipeline is a way bigger scandal then a bunch of flirtatious e-mail. Yet that doesn’t matter because that’s the party line. What’s the matter, weren’t these guys gonna tow the party line any more?

Turns out court records show the former CIA director and Gen. John Allen intervened last September in a messy custody dispute on behalf of Jill Kelley’s sister, whom a judge described as dishonest and lacking integrity. This photo is of Petraeus with Jill Kelley’s twin sister Natalie Khawam. I’m not sure what all those beads he’s wearing represents but he looks like he’s having a good time. Somehow I don’t think there was anything secret about any of these relationships.


  1. "Remember the CIA agents in Columbia that were caught stiffing a prostitute"

    Actually it was Secret Service. Good one though.

    Who Petraeus fucks is no ones business but him, his wife, and whoever he's fucking. The problem is the double standard between what happens to Generals and other high ranking officers and what happens to enlisted men who wind up being charged under UCMJ with adultery. Yes, it does happen. Quite often.

    To be a soldier for 37 years and have sex with only one woman in that entire time is unnatural anyway.

  2. Secret Service / CIA what on earth is the difference?

    1. To you, none. For everyone else, the Secret Service just does Personal Security Detail work and counterfeiting investigations. The story of how counterfeiting became their baby is an interesting one. But other than that, it's all PSD work.

    2. Oh you mean the guys that called back Kennedy's body guards right before he was shot. Yeah like they weren't taking orders from Allan Dulles. There was a segment on counterfeit plates being given to the Shaw of Iran in Rush Hour with Jackie Chan.

    3. Oh Jeez... :rolleyes:

      Seriously is EVERYTHING a conspiracy with you? Everything? Nothing ever just happened a certain way "just because"? People who can't get the grocery list right now all of a sudden can carry off plot after plot so cleverly that only folks like you will ever know the truth? Yeah......

      There's a little thing in PSD work called "running the fenders". It's exactly what it sounds like. (You could be walking if the vehicle is going slow enough, but that will be situation dependent. If the vehicle speeds up a bit, you will be jogging.)

      The purpose is to have a physical presence to keep folks back from the vehicle. There was no need to have guys jogging alongside the limo for a few miles, the route was fenced and had local law enforcement posted every so often. Running the fenders is a pain in the ass and you don't make your guys do it unless it's appropriate and necessary. If a detail leader were to have his guys doing it all the time when it's not, there'd be an assassination all right. Of the detail leader. (Just kidding. Mostly.)

      And just who do you think that guy was jumping on the running boards of the limo as it accelerated off to the hospital anyway? Oh that's right, it was one of the Secret Service bodyguards. The ones you say Allen Dulles called off. Right.

    4. Kendey was shot dead. That did happen. The bodyguards were ordered to pull back right before he was shot. The guy who was willing to take a bullet for the president turned to the guy making the order, raised his hands and shrugged questioning the order. That is a fact. Allen Dulles is an absolute dirt bag. Anyone who would propose and sign an agreement to Operation Northwoods should be hanged for treason. That guy sitting on the Warren commission was a complete conflict of interest. He was the prime suspect. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFpPjjKdUds

    5. Once again, nothing I've said makes a dent.

      You're not listening. Again. There is no "Hey guys, pull back so he will be unprotected." There is "we're not going to have a bunch of guys riding the running boards because A) It's not safe and B) They'd be blocking the crowd's view of the POTUS and his wife. And C)"we're not going to run fenders because the vehicle will be moving too fast and the crowd is already being held back by barriers and local LEO's."

      Exactly how do you imagine they would have been shielding Kennedy as the vehicle rolled down the street? Dude, your background in protective security is non-existent. You know only what you've read about what another conspiracy theorist such as yourself who also knows jack shit about protective security ops has written.

      For the record I'm not sure LHO was the lone gunman either, but that doesn't mean the detail leader was in on it to the point of calling off BG's at the last second, anyone who watches the film can see that never happened, and it would have made no difference if he had, ergo the likelihood that anyone would waste time doing this or more to the point, doing something unusual that would be easily noticed after the fact is not logical.

      Having heads of state ride in open vehicles was common back then. Not so much after that incident, same as blocking off crowd access to getting close to a vehicle stopped being common after Gavrilo Princip killed Arch Duke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie with a pistol from close range while he sat in a vehicle, triggering WWI. Hitler often rode in an open vehicle, often standing up, but go and look how often the crowd was allowed close up to the vehicle vs. how often it was moving down the street with the crowds behind barriers at the side of the road.

      Given LHO's background with the Russians, you would certainly expect the head of CIA to be part of the inquiry.

    6. That is such a crock of shit you should be ashamed of yourself. The runners were the ones who would jump in and act as human shields to protect the president. Calling them back prevented him from being protected. Then your little dig about Kennedy and the Russians implies he deserved to die. It's not that I'm not listening, it's that I totally disagree with you. Your arguments are not those of a patriot. Your arguments are those of a mercenary. Alan Dulles was a dirty dog. It is astounding how you can for one millisecond defend his actions. Operation Northwoods was treason. He should have been hanged for that alone but that's not all.

      Allan Dulles hid the Bush family's business dealings with Nazi Germany which included putting the gas in the gas chambers. Bush had two grandfathers caught doing business with the enemy. Stalin wasn't far worse than Hitler. They were BOTH freaks. We need to be vigilant in opposing both extremes because both extremes lead to the exact same place. Allan Dulles was also the head of a assignation squad called Operation 40 which included CIA drug smuggler Barry Seal. These are serious issues and if you don't want to read about them then don't. Start your own bullshit blog about how the CIA's drug trafficking organization is in the people's best interest just like how torturing people without a trial is in the people's best interest. I'm not going to listen to that bullshit any more.

  3. WOW. Just WOW. Kennedy and the Russians?? Are you off your meds or something? WTF are you talking about?? LHO = Lee Harvey Oswald, who had lived in Russia, had a Russian wife, etc.. There was no dig about Kennedy, I never even mentioned him. Therefor maybe I didn't imply that he intended to die, huh? You might consider an apology for that shit.

    Kennedy (assuming we go with the official version) was shot from behind from an elevated position by Oswald. Having guys on the running boards would not have "closed off that angle". (If you knew anything at all about protective security ops that expression would mean something to you.) Go find other footage of similar Kennedy motorcades where he drove down the street trying to wave to the crowds while peering past a half dozen huge guys standing on the sides and rear of the vehicle. NOT.

    Stalin WAS worse than Hitler in the number of people he killed. THAT is a fact, and that was the ONLY context in which I said that, and you act like I said it or meant it in a bunch of other ways. You specialize in that shit. Someone said X, therefore they also said Y and Z. No, they just said X.

    No one disputes that Stalin was responsible for 20 million+ deaths of his own people before the war ever got started. Ever heard of the Kulaks? Mass executions thereof? Mass starvation due to collectivization? Thousands of Soviet military officers taken out and shot in purges? Any of this sound familiar?

    I never defended Allen Dulles at all. Not once. You do this shit all the time where you take one thing someone says and say that it means a bunch of other stuff that has NO CONNECTION to what they just said. What I said was that given LHO's ties to the Russians it's not a big surprise to find the Director of CIA as part of the inquiry. But somehow to you, this = defending him.

    You are aware that there was no law prohibiting any American company from doing business with Germany until after Pearl Harbor, when the war in Europe had already been going on for over 2 years, right? And that many of them did business with Germany, not just your favorite folks the Bush's? You are aware that public opinion was overwhelmingly against getting involved in "another European war", and that many Americans saw Hitler and National Socialism as a counter to Soviet Communist sedition and revolutionary activity? America would not have become involved actively in the European theater of WWII had Herr Schicklegruber not been foolish enough to declare war on America after Pearl Harbor, and at the time everyone wondered why he'd done it.

    I recommended an excellent book to you by a former CIA case officer that actually details the massive level of disfunctionality in that organization. (The G is currently going after this guy for publishing it) I'm guessing you never even bothered to read it.

    By contrast I've actually obtained and read two of the books you've recommended to me on CIA involvement in drug smuggling in the 80's and arms sales. And I never said that those activities were in the people's best interest. YOU are saying I said that. What I said, IIRC, was something about the secretive nature of the intelligence business being something that allows people who are so inclined to do that kind of stuff and get away with it, lack of oversight, "need to know", compartmentalization, things that are basic to intelligence work. But that's not good enough for you, you aren't satisfied unless the Director knew every detail and signed off personally on a comprehensive plan to fly planeloads of coke into the country, a claim that not even the books you recommended were willing to make.

    As far as whether I'm a patriot or not, unless you ever signed an enlistment contract, you have SFA to say to me about that. I once signed a blank check to my country for "an amount up to and including my life". You never did.

  4. LHO = Lee Harvey Oswald - I wasn't sure what that reference was to. My point is still the same. The CIA is seriously messed up. Seriously. Every time I point that out, all I hear is another insult about conspiracy theories. Gary Webb was a Pulitzer prize winning investigative journalist. He was not a conspiracy theorist. Terry Reed, Barry Seal, Bo Gritz, the list of evidence is long and documented. That really needs to be addressed.

    Fighting Hitler and fighting Stalin, as important as those missions are, is in vain if we don't fight the same enemy within. The current enemy of the constitution that is using slander and spin to water down and destroy the constitution instead of preserving and protecting it. Saying that the director of the corrupt CIA should have been involved in the Warren Commission, supports that same evil from within.

    Supporting torture, denying the physical evidence of the third tower. These are all very serious concerns. Every time the concern is raised you mock me and call conspiracy. I'm not talking about ufos here. These are serious issues and if we cram our heads up our ass and pretend they don't exist, we aren't doing anyone any favors.

    I have a full time job. I maintain a blog. People write me and I post links to what they send me. I'm not going to spend all my time arguing about what I post and I'm not going to have my blog become a spin doctor forum for people to promote the Hells Angels or the CIA drug trafficking organization. The problem is that it isn't just the CIA although the CIA do have their mitts in every other government agency. Every time the CIA were caught arms dealing and drug trafficking, it was done with military airplanes. The Pentagon not being able to account for half of what it spends is a huge concern. Every time these concerns come up, I'm going to mention them. I'm not going to argue about them and I'm not going to encourage people to burry their heads in the sand either.

  5. TR78: "I once signed a blank check to my country for "an amount up to and including my life". You never did."

    My kudos for being in the Forces, good for you. We all deeply appreciate someone who risks his life for a good cause.

    I only took the *Essential Service* Oath, WRT Fire-Bossing.

    But; with one hand on the Bible, I did guarantee I'd lay down my life for Queen Elizabeth II, and all her good works, for the rest of my life...strangely, the Oath's all about her, not about Canada...

  6. I vaguely recall something about an oath to the queen. I found that and still do find it rather bizarre. I wonder if Oliver North and Allan Dulles took the essential service oath. People used to swear to defend the constitution but they most certainly aren’t doing that any more. Trailrunner freaked out when I said Blackwater were mercenaries but that is exactly what they are. Eric Prince is another Allen Dulles. He is a bad man in charge of a bad organization. A member of the Gestapo didn’t have more of a voice and vote then members of the public who paid their wagers. This is why the disinformation campaign is in opposition to the constitution and a free republic. One person, one vote and everyone has a voice, including Gary Webb who I support.

  7. I had a good post in, on the post about the Cross on the trail...guess it got lost...

  8. My bad. I saw it come in and I thought I approved it but it was still sitting in the queue.

  9. AK: "That is such a crock of shit you should be ashamed of yourself. The runners were the ones who would jump in and act as human shields to protect the president. Calling them back prevented him from being protected."

    You guys. This is one complex story; the Kennedy assasination doesn't lead to quick & easy answers. Fortunately, I've read tons of books on this; the best, weirdly, is Norman Mailer's historic account. Fully footnoted, LHO's time in Russia dissected, everything.

    Be fair to the SS, AK. Agent Clint Hill was one of the two runners behind the Presidential limo. As the second shot blew off part of JFK's head, an agonized & shocked Mrs. Kennedy attempted to crawl back out of that seat, over the trunk. Clint Hill rushed forward, leaped onto the trunk to shield Mrs. Kennedy with his body, removed his firearm and prepared to shoot it out. WTF more do you want, the appearance of Superman...?

  10. Cint was a good guy. Just like the guy who questioned the order to pull back right before Kennedy was shot. The fact is the people who called them back are corrupt. My Gary Webb tribute will highlight that.

  11. It's not a lie Freddy and I'm not going to argue about it. I have discussed what disinformation is. The CIA are corrupt.

  12. I have heard a claim that Kennedy was the one that asked the Secret Service agents to stay away from the back of his vehicle. I do not believe that claim is true. That claim was made by a secret service agent after the fact in a book. "Four days before the fateful 1963 motorcade in Dallas when John F. Kennedy was fatally shot in the head, the young president had requested that his secret service agents give him some space. 'President Kennedy made a decision, and he politely told everybody, 'You know, we're starting the campaign now, and the people are my asset,' said agent Jerry Blaine. ‘And so, we all of a sudden understood. It left a firm command to stay off the back of the car.’"


    Jerry Blaine said Kennedy said that. Yet that statement itself fails the test of believability. Blaine claims Kennedy told everyone in advance. Well he apparently didn't tell the runner behind his car that was ordered by someone else to pull back. The claim doesn't fit with the known facts. It is hearsay and suspect. Not only that, it contradicts the testimony of other agents:


    So, you haven't "Proven me wrong." As I have repeated I don't have time to argue with you about obscure details that are not only false, but distract us from the real flaming concern. Gary Webb was right. The CIA were responsible for the US crack epidemic in the /80's. There is a lot more they are responsible for as well, which I will detail one step at a time. Allan Dulles was the prime suspect in Kennedy’s murder. Him being on the Warren Commission was an offensive conflict of interest.


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