Saturday, March 12, 2022

Robert Malone and Brian Peckford on Ukraine Bio labs

Update: Tulsi Gabbard on US Bio Labs in Ukraine

Robrt Malone is reporting that "Yesterday I published a substack article titled 'All Along the Watchtower', which posed the question Would the Russian invasion of Ukraine be justified if it were for biodefense?' Since then, we have had a flood of new information drop:

1) Testimony of Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland to Senator Marco Rubio, in which she admits that Ukraine has biological research facilities. 2) Epoch times’ report 'US State Department Denies Russian Allegations of Biological Weapons in Ukraine.' 3) 'US Is Protecting Biological Research Facilities'’ in Ukraine From Russia: Official' by Epoch Times.

4) And an insightful interpretation by journalist Glenn Greenwald via his often brilliant and occasionally sarcastic substack, entitled 'Victoria Nuland: Ukraine Has Biological Research Facilities, Worried Russia May Seize Them with the subheading The neocon's confession sheds critical light on the U.S. role in Ukraine, and raises vital questions about these labs that deserve answers.”

In his previous article Robert Malone states that "I have spent most of my career deeply involved in the US Biodefense enterprise. I have worked closely with biodefense research teams at USAMRIID, DTRA, and MIT Lincoln Lab. I was once a business partner with a retired CIA officer who was deeply involved in the DoD biodefense enterprise, and I have co-published with another.

This is a byzantine world that I have deep understanding of, and direct experience with for virtually my entire life. But I never really allowed myself to confront the possibility that we might not be the good guys, the white hats. Until I experienced what we have all been through over the last two years."

"A government (or really multiple governments) that clearly believes that it is justified in disregarding fundamental principles of bioethics and the common rule. And like many others, once I saw that, it was like having backed into a light switch and suddenly the entire room was lit up, and I could never un-see what was revealed."

Brian Peckford quoted a Free West Media article in his blog entitled US-funded bio labs in Ukraine researched bat Coronavirus then later links to Dr Malone's post on Bio labs.

As I previously said, Russia is far from perfect. Russian news is still quoting fake Covid case numbers and fatalities to control and suppress the people just like our news is. Only we know the numbers. We know the science. We can do the math.

Do you really think Saudi Arabia has better human rights than Russia? Saudi Arabia arms all the terrorist organizations in the world. The 9/11 hijackers came in from Saudi Arabia after the CIA overruled their denied visas. Saudi Arabia is directly tied to the CIA's arms dealing and money laundering. What is the money laundering from? Drug trafficking. OPEC should not have a monopoly on the market and we should not be funding bio labs anywhere.

As we speak, NATO's ISIS in Syria are joining NATO's Nazis in the Ukraine to fight the Russians in support of OPECs oil monopoly. Georgia and Ukraine should not join NATO. Putting nuclear missiles on Russia's border is provoking a conflict just like it did during the Cuban missile crisis.


  1. Sometimes I despair of what kind of world my daughter will inherit. I seems as though most don't value truth and will gladly push it aside if it contradicts their political beliefs. Nothing good comes from war. I wish only the best for the people in Ukraine but I can't see a scenario where western involvement will help the situation and my fear is if the west does get involved it could lead to something much worse.

    1. Time is on the side of truth. No lie can live forever.


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