Sunday, March 13, 2022

Tamara Lich Welcomed home from prison as a hero

The Counter Signal is rpeorting that "Tamara Lich has finally returned home to Medicine Hat after leaving over a month ago to lead the Freedom Convoy. The Canadian folk hero was enthusiastically welcomed home by locals in Medicine Hat on Saturday with flags, tears, hugs, and a community rendition of O Canada. Tamara Lich was imprisoned by the Trudeau regime following the Prime Minister’s controversial enactment of the Emergency Act."


  1. She’s a Canadian Hero!! The people are quite possibly finally figuring out the power they actually have over oppressive regimes, and the protests in Canada, and around the world proved that. They were successful as well, because one by one these governments backed off. Canada unfortunately has a ways to go, but hopefully things will return to normal soon. Then you guys can get around to chasing that Nazi Prime Minister right out of the country!!


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