Thursday, March 3, 2022

Vancouver has the highest gas prices in Canada

The Metro Vancouver gas fraud is raging for the world to see. Yesterday Global fake news was going off about how Vancouver has the highest gas price in Canada at 185.9 a litre. Well today it is 195.9 in Langley and 199.9 in Surrey. This morning it was 200.9 in Langley. We can clearly see the agenda behind this provoked conflict and it ties in with the UN's New World Order.

Before I get into the motive of the provoked conflict, I will remind everyone of the price to see a hockey came in Canada. If you want to see a hockey game in Vancouver or Toronto, you pay a lot more than you do if you want to see the same game in the US despite the fact that it's the same teams playing in the same league. Why do they charge so much more in Canada? Because they can. That's why. Supply and demand.

Historically, there have been two financial groups that fund Communism - oil barons and banks. The Rothschilds did not fund the Communist revolution in Russia to share their wealth.

Corporate monopolies are a bad thing. They strive to eliminate small business and the free market. Once they secure a monopoly, they raise prices so they make more money. In our day we see a new group rise that does the same thing: pharmaceutical companies. We can clearly see where all this corporate greed leads. Donald Trump may well be an a*shole but Joe Biden is an idiot and a criminal. I shall explain. Donald Trump got us off Saudi oil while Joe Biden got us back on it just like the Bush Cabal before him. Only Joe Biden is worse. Much worse.

Not only did he shut down the Keystone pipeline but he's trying to shut down line five which would cripple eastern Canada. Why is he doing that? Well, the fake reason is environmentalism. The fake environmentalists want us to get off of fossil fuels. The problem is coal is a fossil fuel. Burning industrial coal to generate electricity for electric cars is not green nor is it a step forward. It' a giant leap backwards into the industrial revolution. Remember, propane and natural gas are clean burning. Industrial coal is not.

What's the real reason he's cutting domestic supply? So his Saudi buddies can make more money at our expense. Clearly their greed does not end there. On Joe Biden's first day of office he sent more troops back to Syria. That war had nothing to do with liberation. It was simply about protecting an oil monopoly. That is all.
Assad supported Russian's pipeline from Iran while Saudi supported their pipeline from Qatar. They didn't want both pipelines built because they wanted a monopoly and they wanted to reduce supply so they could increase prices. They wanted to get rid of Assad to protect their oil monopoly and they created ISIS to help them do it. Sadly, their greed did not stop there either.

In Afghanistan, they wanted Unocal to build the pipeline. When the Taliban decided to go with an Argentinan firm instead of an American firm, they were invaded. Now all of a sudden the Taliban are letting an American firm have the pipeline and magically the US invasion there has ended. As George Bush would say, Mission Accomplished. Sadly, their greed didn't end there either.

In 2020, the price of oil dropped. Why did it drop? Because Saudi ask Russia to cut production and Russia said no so Saudi shorted the stock and flooded the market with reserves. Russia caved in and the 2021 jump in oil prices was the result of a collective voluntary cut in production.

As Jimmy Dore pointed out, all of the real political experts warned that getting the Ukraine to join NATO would provoke a conflict with Russian. That's exactly why they did it. Not only did they get to freeze their bank accounts, they also got to boycott Russian oil which once again reduced supply so Saudi could make more money. Today, Oil price dot com is reporting that "Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter, could raise its official selling prices for Asia for April to the highest differentials to benchmarks on record, as buyers scramble to secure additional crude from the Middle East amid toxic Russian cargoes after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine."

They provoked a conflict so they could cut competitors production and raise prices so they could make even more money. Their greed is completely out of control. Oh yeah, I forgot about the oil war in Lybia. Another ruse to cut competitors production so they could raise prices.
Just for the record, in 2011 the price of oil was $107 a barrel. February 1st 2022 oil was at $88.15 a barrel. March 1st it was $103.41. March 2nd it hit $110.60. March 3rd it went back down to $107.67 the same price it was back in 2011. Yet in 2011, we weren't paying $2.00 a litre. March 4th it hit $115. The forecast is that oil will soon peak, then start to drop back down significantly in April. The point is, this is a scam about oil monopolies which are bad.
We need to remember that everything we buy in the store including food, is transported there by truck. Raising the price of fuel raises the cost of everything we buy in the store. Everything.


  1. Horgan starting to have his Port-Mann Toll bridge moments by telling people who can't afford the gas prices to take the bus ..... pretty hard to take the Bus practically if you live outside of the GVRD.

    1. The BC NDP did get rid of Bridge Tolls. Dianne Watts wanted to toll everything under the sun. Translink sucks. Metro Vancouver pays an extra 10 cents a litre above and beyond all the other taxes everyone else pays for Translink.

  2. Until Canadians are seriously ready to quit bending over while their whole way of life is flushed down the toilet nothing will change. Just take an inventory of the absolute rejects who head our 3 political parties and their complete ownership by WEF agendas.
    The old addage "you get what you settle for" has never been more apparent.

    You think fuel prices are high? Wait until you see your "new normal" grocery bill this summer!
    This country has become so apathetic that the WEF's mantra of "you'll own nothing and be happy" could very well happen in this country of sleeping at the wheel inhabitants.

    The trucker convoy lit a much needed flame of hope, it's our job now to keep that flame burning.
    Get engaged and demand better while we are still able.


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