Sunday, March 6, 2022

More lies about Conor D'Monte and Damion Ryan

Update: Another point. The real witness that actually saw the murder, not the heasay liars, said there were two shooters, one was noticeably larger than the other. Cory and Connor are the same size. The witness said the smaller shooter's gun jammed but the larger shooter was able to execute the hit. That means at best Connor OR Cory can be charged with attempted murder or conspiracy to commit murder. His gun jammed. He didn't shoot Kevin, K9 did. Oh but the rat pack can't collect another bounty on that because K9 is dead. So they just keep lying.

OMFG Dr Spin is still lying about Conor D'Monte while she covers for Damion Ryan. Liars get rich these days but their money will perish with them. There are three witness in this case, Blaze and the Bobbsey Twins. Only they're not witnesses. They are testifying in the case but they are not witnesses. The real witness said there were two shooters.

Both were wearing balaclavas but one was much bigger than the other. The bigger one was K-9, The other one was either Cory or Connor. It can't be both. Remember, Blaze was never a member of the UN. He just kissed their ass while he was slinging for the red and white.

The Bobbsey Twins were members of the UN at one time but Blaze has turned them into compulsive liars just like him so they can get rich at the tax payers expense lying for the po po who are still rehashing past history while they aid and abet Damion Ryan in the DTES. It's a farce. It's a scam. It's not even funny. It's a shameful disgrace.

"Prophesy unto Gog leader of Magog and declare thus saith the Lord, I am against you."


  1. How come Blaze hasn't ended up in a trash bag yet? And how long will it be before Rat Ryan ends up with a toe tag? Being such high profile Rats will get your ass capped in the States I'm surprised it hasn't happened there yet. I'd love to know how these two can leave the house without wearing disguises. Hey that's it they're probably dressing up as women!! Maybe that's how they're getting around these days. Yea I can see Blaze wearing a long dress to hide those skinny little white legs along with bright red lipstick, and pulling it off, but no way will Rat Ryan get away with that he's way too ugly even with makeup. Gotta love it Dennis...Peace out Be Safe

    1. Blaze certain does love to impersonate women on this blog. Blaze gets away with it for the same reason Michael Ross's crew ho gets away with it. They tell the police what the club wants them to believe. For the most part. Some of Donnie's former associates have gone down because of his jealousy.

      I don't think Damion has ratted anyone out but he is cooperating with the police in some capacity. Kim Bolan finally admitted he was in regular communication with her. I was surprised to hear that he is in Vancouver and took over Mo's drug line in the DTES when they killed him. I'm surprise the Quebec charter hasn't capped him for killing their man in Greece. Maybe Damion's ratting out the Quebec guys.

    2. No surrender………your saying “rat ryan”????? I didnt know there was paper work on damion if you have please show. Im confused on how hes a “high profile rat” idgaf about the guy but im from the old school

    3. It’s not just Damion specifically. He’s leading the Wolf Pack here and ratting out people they hired to commit murder so the polcie get a bust and they stay out of prison is their MO. Take little man and Mo. Anees Mohammed ran the drugs in the DTES for the Hells Angels. Whether he worked for Damion or Damion took over after he was killed, the fact is Damion Ryan had him killed.

      Naseem Mohammed aka little man, was the connection between the Brother’s Keepers and the Driftwood Crips. Both of whom were hired by the Edmonton Hells Angels. The Edmonton HAs gave the Wolf Pack the DTES in exchange for Surrey. As soon as Naseem killed Mo for Damion, he’s on the most wanted list like his coacused back east. That’s the way he rolls. The Wolf Pack, including but noit limited to Damion Ryan, rat out the people they hire to commit murders so they eliminte the rival as well as the hitter. It’s not just little man. It’s a whole web of manipulation and betrayal.


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