Friday, November 4, 2011

Harper has drunk the poison kool aid

Well, it looks like Stephen Harper has finally drunk the poison kool aid. Stephen Harper is not a Conservative. He's a neo con. I thought Harper explained how bailing out the banks in England was not the government's responsibility. He certainly flipped on that one. Taking Canada from a $2.3 billion surplus to a $64 billion deficit with one swoop of the pen. No wonder he now wants to steal our pensions. So he can pay for the $75 billion he gave to the banks. Opposing a bank tax to pay for that is absurd.

Now he's supporting the Greek Bailout without uttering a word about the needed regulation to prevent that kind of investment fraud from reoccurring. Tragic indeed.

Sarkozy was the dirty dog who did business with Gadhafi for years, accepted campaign contributions from him, then led the bombing against him that resulted in his murder and the murder of his children. Shameful.

Dutch Labour's position is rather bizarre. They're threatening to withdraw their support for the bailout if Greece holds a referendum. Since when is voting on anything a bad thing? Oppose the bailout for not implementing the necessary regulation to prevent that theft from reoccurring. Don't oppose it because they want to hold a referendum.

Canada won't dump any funding into Europe bailout. Oh my goodness was that even on the table? We really need to address the issue of the investment fraud that causes these manufactured crisis's.


  1. According to Democracy Watch,

    "Conservatives used the public's money through the Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation to bail out Canada's big banks by buying $70 billion of home mortgages from the banks, and also used the Bank of Canada and other subsidy programs to help the banks, for a total of almost $200 billion in subsidies in 2009 -- yet they did not require anything from the banks in return."

    (Source: )

    Democracy Watch has some practical campaigns aimed at reducing government corruption, limiting power of corporate lobbyists (ever wonder why it's not feeling like rule "for the people"); independent watchdog agencies whistle blower protection, etc. They've been campaigning since 1996-7, I feel it's Occupy relevant, concrete changes we can get behind, but it won't fix where we're at, but can at least stop the steamroller. More infor @ Democracy Watch's,

    So much is being done in secret, behind people's backs. . . we don't know how much the gov't is paying (of our tax dollars) to the IMF. . .? I don't trust a word out of this gov'ts mouth, but also the problems have been ongoing, Libs were weak too.

  2. Indeed. I find it especially bizarre right after they did that big press release in response to the Occupy Vancouver claiming we didn’t have to bail out the banks in Canada like they did in the United States. That was a bold faced lie. I guess I should be used to it by now but it still astounds me how they can get away with lying to the media like that. Thanks for the links. Democracy Watch is pretty solid.


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