Monday, November 28, 2011

The Shell Game

We all remember that old shell game. The hand is quicker than the eye and what not. We were recently discussing the Hells angels selling cocaine in Grande Prairie and other towns and how they keep changing the name of the puppet club to distance themselves from the actual drug trafficking despite the fact that they are the ones supplying it and grooming the puppets to work for them.

In Northern Alberta the White Boy Posse was selling drugs for the Hells angels across northern Alberta. When they were busted Grand Prairie came up with the Baseball Team. Sounds innocent enough but they were just another group selling drugs for the Hells Angels. I'm told they're even starting to see some Hali Crew in Grand Prairie as an offshoot of the Baseball Team. Hali is short for Halifax. They started cropping up in Halifax along with the Darksiders as well as Bachus and the Anarchy bikers. All Hells Angel puppets picking up where the others left off. Hali Crew in GP would confirm Kelowna's involvement. David Giles is from Halifax.

Now they say there's even talk about some Independent Soldiers from Prince George coming to GP. That would be another Hells angels puppet club. Prince George is a prime example of how the Hells angels use puppet clubs and finger puppets like a shell game to distract the media and the police from their involvement. The police tell us that the Hells angels control the drug trade in Prince George. First we had the Renegades as a long time puppet club there. They in turn over saw the crew who sold crack for the Hells Angels in PG.

After the Crew started getting some bad press over cutting off fingers for drug debts most of the crew crossed over to the Independent Soldiers. It was just a name change to confuse liability. The same people were in charge. The Game Tight Soldiers started to appear and at first we thought they were a rival. Until Kim Bolan along with the Gang Task Force found the head of the Game Tight Soldiers riding with the Renegades and wearing a strikers partial patch with them. He's gone but the GTS are still affiliated with the Renegades. There's a trial under way for a gang rape they have been charged with in that clubhouse.

The purpose of all these shell companies is to hide the Hells angels involvement. It really is quite effective. It even had Pat Fogherty confused. Although, word is he has been confused all along. You know another group that uses shell companies to hide their business? The CIA. Stay with me now. We know the CIA do exist. We know they use a maze of shell companies to hid their classified business. I think it would be interesting to map a few CIA shell companies to chart just what they have been up to. Especially after the news of Operation Fast and Furious.

Lets take a look at Lake Resources and TransWorld Armaments Corp. TransWorld Armaments Corp, was a Canadian company used to smuggle arms to Nicaragua in the extended version of Iran Contra. The Montreal Gazette reported in May 1988 that John Rugg, a former Vermont police chief and a manager at Century Arms Inc., told a U.S. Senate committee investigating illegal weapons shipments to the Contra rebels in Nicaragua, that Century International Arms and Trans World Arms Ltd., which both have offices in Montreal, were involved in shipping grenades, surface-to-air-missiles, rifles and ammunition from Canada to Central America in violation of Canadian policy of non-military intervention in the Americas.

Lake Resources was a shell company run by Oliver North. Saudi arms dealer Albert Hakim pleaded guilty November 21, 1989, to a misdemeanor of supplementing the salary of Oliver L. North. Lake Resources Inc., in which Hakim was the principal shareholder. He also pleaded guilty to a corporate felony of theft of government property in diverting Iran arms sales proceeds to the Nicaraguan contras and other activities. Hakim was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Gerhard A. Gesell on February 1, 1990, to two years probation and a $5,000 fine; Lake Resources was ordered dissolved.

Richard Secord went into business with Hakim, co-founding in 1983 Stanford Technology Trading Group International (STTGI). Using a complex web of secret Swiss bank accounts and shell corporations managed by Willard Zucker at Compagnie de Services Fiduciaires (CSF) in Geneva, they built a lucrative Enterprise from covert-operations business assigned to them by Lt. Col. Oliver L. North.

There is a huge maze of CIA shell companies that would indeed be interesting to document and track. Yet it's clear the purpose of these shell companies were to hide money laundering and arms smuggling. Lake Resources was tied to the BCCI banking fraud that was also tied to the CIA. And of course, how did these countries pay for the arms that were being smuggled to them? With cocaine. That's why they needed shell companies to launder the money.

Let's not forget Arthur Porter, the chair of Canada's spy watchdog committee who recently resigned that position among many he held, amid reports he had questionable ties to a lobbyist named Ari Ben-Menashe based in Montreal.

Mr. Ben-Menashe, a former Israeli government employee, was arrested in the United States in 1989 and charged with illegally attempting to sell three military transport airplanes to Iran. He went to trial and was acquitted in 1990; a jury believed his account, that he had simply acted on orders from his government in Israel to attempt the aircraft sale. He then wrote a memoir called Profits of War, filled with accounts of international espionage and conspiracies he says he either participated in or was privy to.


  1. The United States passed legislation that makes it un-necessary for the C.I.A. to have covert domestic puppet groups. That unbelieveable bit of legislation was called the "Patriot Act"
    I am very curious to hear more about "International" C.I.A. puppet groups.

  2. What do you mean the Patriot Act makes it un-necessary for the C.I.A. to have covert domestic puppet groups? The Patriot Act takes away constitutional rights but I’m not aware about how it can help the CIA commit fraud. I’ll put a few up tonight and work on more tomorrow after work.

  3. Canadian arms dealing? Nothing new. Diamaco in Montreal has a license from Colt to build the M16/M4 series assault rifle not only for the Canadian Forces, but for export as well. They've sold guns to Holland among others.

    This whole "Canada as a non-warring nation" is a joke. They spend more time plotting to restrict Canadian civilians from owning firearms than anything else. Canada isn't up there with the US/Germany/France when it comes to weapons exports, but they do alright considering the picture they present to the world in such matters.

  4. Yeah, I guess the point is the use of shell companies to hide business transactions. Selling arms is big business. Selling arms to the enemy is conflicted. For example selling arms to Iran or Libya then declaring war and invading them. I find Canada’s involvement with the promotion of the Candu reactors and the means to make nuclear weapons somewhat disturbing. Canada is responsible for India and Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. Now the Harper government is back in there trying to do business.

  5. But should CIA & HA be in the same post? After all, the making of legal shell companies by CIA, a well-known practice, is not really the same as setting up puppet motorcycle clubs in Canada to sell illegal drugs, is it...?

    No biggie, just sayin'...

  6. I just found the similar MO interesting.

  7. They both sell drugs the CIA is just more profitable at it.

  8. But ya gotta wonder if any of that cocaine that came into the US as part of Operation Fast and Furious came into Canada. If it did and if any of the cocaine the Hells Angels brought into Canada part of their cross border BC Bud for cocaine drug ring was from Operation Fast and Furious, then the Hells Angels would indirectly be working for the CIA. At least selling their drugs for them.


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