Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hells Angels Puppets in Grande Prairie

It appears things are heating up in Grand Prairie Alberta outside of Edmonton. Remembrance day 2010 Brian MacFarlane was murdered in Grand Prairie. He was beaten and stabbed and later died of injuries. It was confirmed a homicide. Brian was associated with Shaun Thexton from the Baseball team that is affiliated with the Hells angels. Shaun was recently arrested in Grande Prairie's largest cocaine bust.

It appears that Shaun is in the same prison as the accused in Brian MacFarlane's murder who are now on trial in Grand Prairie. Christopher Ost was charged with first degree murder while Darcy Wanihandi was charged with second degree murder. Norman Chase Smith later turned himself in.

Smith, Noskiye and Wanihandi had their charges lessened to manslaughter from second-degree murder, while Ost had his charge of first-degree murder dropped to second-degree murder after defense counsel and the Crown agreed on a consent to committal for the downgraded charges. A publication ban imposed by the court disallows details heard in the preliminary hearing to be published until after the trial takes place or the charges are dropped.

Interesting to note that the Hells Angels Baseball team took over the GP cocaine trade after the Edmonton Hells Angels White Boy Posse were busted. One source claims the Baseball team are connected to the Kelowna Hells Angels while it appears the latest cocaine bust in Vernon that took over for the Vernon Greeks connected to the Calgary Hells angels is now connected to the Edmonton Hells Angels. It is amazing how fast the Hells angels keep expanding. As soon as one puppet club gets arrested they create another one, sometimes two. If the Victoria cocaine ring gets heat, they start bringing it in from Saskatchewan. The point is the Hells Angels are the driving force behind the cocaine trade and the violence associated with it.

One source claims Brian MacFarlane was an enforcer for the Baseball Team. Their accusations of Brian's accused murderers being cowards is somewhat ironic. Locals claim the Baseball team would regularly get one guy alone and beat the tar out of him 4 on 1. Some speculate that Brian's murder was in retaliation for one of those vicious beatings.


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  2. Yes in a court of law, quoting a source is considered hearsay evidence. Yet that is how newspapers get and report information to the public. Calling those sources into court to testify becomes evidence. No doubt you will have other witnesses that will claim the Hells Angels don't sell drugs and that Shawn had nothing to do with the two kilograms of cocaine that was seized. Yet those witnesses would not be credible because their testimony would contradict the known facts.

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  4. Most sources are cowards? You mean like Margo Compton and her twin seven year old daughters who were murdered for testifying against a Hells Angels prostitution ring in San Francisco? Even if I was RCMP, which I am not, that wouldn't change the fact that your partner was arrested in the largest cocaine bust in Grande Prairie history where 2 kilograms of cocaine were seized. I didn't have to be there to read a newspaper. People are innocent until proven guilty but he has been charged and the cocaine was seized. The truth is the Hells Angels are the largest suppliers of cocaine in the country. More than one source claims the Baseball team work for the Hells Angels. That would make you the liar. However, I do agree that if Brian was in the hospital dying and the police didn't let his family speak with him, that would be wrong. Unless they were simply trying to prevent some stranger from going in there and finishing the job.

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  6. This conversation is over. The Hells Angels are the largest cocaine suppliers in Canada. The Baseball Team, who have been implicated in the recent cocaine bust in Grande Prairie were working for the Hells Angels. If you want to start your own blog cheering about how wonderful it is to live off the proceeds of crime feel free but not on my blog.

  7. Wow just saw all this- I used to live in grande prairie and I knew the whole baseball team and they tried to recruit me from another team I was on at the time—
    But just out of respect and I am not sure if you know this but Shawn committed suicide a few months after this arrest and fir that reason maybe you want to remove the comments about him and also in real life he was actually a non violent nice guy who was more of a puppet for his employer


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