Monday, November 14, 2011

Last Post

This was going to be my Last Post. Instead it's going to be my First Post. First and Last. I shall explain. The Last Post is a bugle tribute to a fallen solider. The First Post is the bugle call for inspection. The Rouse is simply a wake up call.

I've got another vindictive fruitcake in my grill threatening to post my picture, home address and the name of my daughter online, knowing full well what harm that would put my daughter in. I never did like the idea of being anonymous. It is being a bitch. I fully admit it. Yet so is threatening to rape my daughter. That is off the hook. The reason I decided to do this anonymously was to protect my family and to protect my former associations. I am responsible for what I post. No one else is. Threatening someones family is low life. Yet that is what it has come to.

Me, I'm an old man. My kids are all grown up. What happens to me doesn't matter any more. What happens to them does. So we all make choices and we all live with the consequences of those choices. The theme behind the movie Braveheart was Every man dies, not every man really lives. To that I might add, every man dies but some are already dead before they go to the grave. I shall explain.

It is no secret that I don't like liars and I don't like crack dealers. People who lie about selling crack really piss me off. I saw a kid buy some crack in Surrey central from a Hells Angel associate. Then I saw him turn his girlfriend over to the crack dealer who was trying to get the girl alone with half a dozen dirty crackheads. She looked about 14 years old. Younger than my daughter. That kind of stuff makes me come unglued. If I saw that and didn't say anything about that, I would be dead already.

There has been some bizarre things come out at the Pickton inquiry. Accusations of police officers blackmailing prostitutes. Claims of off duty police officers attending parties at Piggy's Palace. We know the Hells Angels had a grow op on site. We know Dave Pickton was a Hells Angels associate. If I knew the Hells Angels and the police had anything to do with the murders on the Pickton farm and I didn't say anything about it, I would be dead already.

If I knew the Hells Angels were using violence to take over all the grow ops in BC and if I knew the Hells Angels were using violence against anyone who was selling pot or anything else in their area and didn't say anything about it, I'd already be dead inside. So my Last Post is indeed a wake up call and a call to inspection. Let's inspect the troops and lets expose the lies. We owe it to the missing women and we owe it to ourselves.


  1. Agent K, you can't quit, you're all we've got in the way of Gang Blogs! There ain't any others in the Lower Mainland! You CAN'T quit!

    Surely you know that these whiney internet threats are always BS. It's some 16-year-old sitting in Momma's basement trying to be cool. I get them when posting on my usual forums all the time, and I've threatened, in wild moments, to harm folks too. Happens every day on the 'net.

    How can you be sure you're not quitting for some other reason; are you tired of blogging?

    You've been on quite a roll lately, lots of posts, far more than most blogs, and highly entertaining as usual! You do seem to be enjoying yourself one thinks.

    I've made my case, we'd hate to see you go, so think at least twice before you just fold. I fight forest-fires for a living and am scared of very little.

  2. Thanks Freddy. No, I'm not done. I guess I was a bit confusing with the first post last post thing. I was going to take a break and make my last post but decided instead it would be my first post, i.e. a wake up call for an inspection of the troops. I can assure you this is not a bs threat from a 16 year old. They’ve done it before. Posted my home address along with my photo. This was the first time they specifically targeted my daughter. They aren’t tied to the hells angels. They just don’t care who else gets hurt in their manipulative agenda. I am cautious yet I will proceed. The other reason I was being anonymous was in case they did target my family. The police wouldn’t know who to arrest when I responded. I think Eileen Mohan is the model to aspire to. Yet I am just as human as anyone else.

  3. That was a scare! Your'e doing good work with your articles and blogs. I hope you keep it up because you do have a loyal following.


  4. [QUOTE]I saw a kid buy some crack in Surrey central from a Hells Angel associate. Then I saw him turn his girlfriend over to the crack dealer who was trying to get the girl alone with half a dozen dirty crackheads. She looked about 14 years old. Younger than my daughter. That kind of stuff makes me come unglued.[UNQUOTE]

    Anyone know what temperature human blood boils at? Just askin'. Some people are alive only because it's against the law to shoot them.

  5. That was the exact same spot where a few days earlier I spoke with a Hells Angel associate beside one of the crack dealers claiming “They” ran the area. Anyone can wear a T-Shirt that says anything but all the gorillas in the area enforcing for the dealers jumped when he spoke. This means that those yuppies in the Bay liners ultimately profit from dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

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  7. I appreciate what you do here Agent K and understand your concerns with being outed.

    Speaking up is not without risks yet none of us will ever be free until we do.

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  10. Thanks Barry, very true. Thanks Bob. By all means keep your anonymity. Discretion is the better part of valor. Freddy: I should clarify. I’ve had many threats from many low level HA Associates who didn’t know who I was. There is another threat from someone I indirectly know who is trying to blackmail me and is threatening to post my home address as well as the name of my daughter. They do this knowing full well my daughter has been threatened. Going postal on the fruitcake I know for posting my home address is rather pointless. When it is posted, I or anyone else who notices it can report it to facebook or blogger and have it shut down.

    Chasing some low level associate who wants to make a name for themselves by threatening my family is rather pointless as well. I appreciate the support. The law states that if someone attacks my family or I with deadly force, I am then legally authorized to use deadly force in self defense. We do live in a very cause and effect world. It becomes problematic if they do something to my family and I have to hunt them down after the fact. That’s when I lose the support of the law.

  11. "Discretion is the better part of valor."

    All the time? No; if we did that we wouldn't put out the fires, TBH.

    "We do live in a very cause and effect world."

    That's more like it; you have a cause; you then do the *effect.*

    "That’s when I lose the support of the law."

    Sometimes there is little the law does for you. Sometimes you make the law yourself. I know, I know; law of the jungle, Hatfields & McCoys, etc. But the Police can't be around to help ya all the time, and they face their own foolish constraints sometimes. Shit happens, eh...? Then you deal with it. Don't be a wimp.

    Once I had a problem decades back.

    So we burned a house to the ground.

    It worked.

  12. The law states that if someone attacks my family or I with deadly force, I am then legally authorized to use deadly force in self defense. We do live in a very cause and effect world. It becomes problematic if they do something to my family and I have to hunt them down after the fact. That’s when I lose the support of the law.

    Don't worry,
    you won't see it coming...

  13. TRB Quite possibly. These crooks do prefer to shoot someone in the back or shoot someone unarmed. It backfired in Nevada when the Hells Agnel who picked a fight with a Vagos member got his ass kicked. He pulled out a gun and lost the gun fight too. You are right though, when they come for me I won’t see it coming. That’s how snakes in the grass do business.

    Freddy: If I do go Boon Dock Saint I’m not going to talk about it first.

    One time: You really need to learn how to spell. Perhaps those old grammar commercials will help. I have no reservation or hesitation whatsoever about the fact that I could kick Matt the Rats slimy little ass alone one on one in a dark alley. I do think Glen Hehn could kick my ass. It really is that simple.

  14. lmfao you are to much have a good life and take a break y you still cane go fishing live life dont worry about the crack dealers i dont like you i think you talk a lot of shit that you dont no about but you right ever one has a right to say what ever they like but if you are going to talk at least tell the truth not just what u think you no you think the cops got your back they are dirtier than the crack dealers if they new who you where they wood tell ever one who you where

  15. One time: Although I have met individual officers who I think are sincere and genuine, I really don’t trust who they report to. The further up you go in the RCMP the stranger things happen. So tell me this: How do you feel about the crack dealers in Surrey? Live and let live. We should mind our own business and let them make some cheddar? What about when the Hells angels shoot anyone who doesn’t sell drugs for them? Should we just ignore that too?

  16. This is my first post here. I don't usually post on blogs that I read, but had to this time. Agent K,I want you to be encouraged. There are many people like myself who care, who read your blog, but are not sure yet what to do about all this gang/drug nonsense.

    I am the mother of four and one of my kids went astray and got involved in the drug world.He's addicted to drugs now and drinks heavily. Unfortunately he is not allowed around the family,nor does he want to be around us.We don't want a cent of his ill gained money. He wasn't raised like this.At one time he did want to change, we supported him, but he eventually went back. We do love him and hope that things will turn around.

    My son, his friends and others like them remind me of the Disney movie 'Pinocchio'. They want to be real 'men', they get lured to Pleasant Island being fed by false promises. They have fun fun fun for awhile, but they end up turning into jackasses and sold into slavery. In this case, the drug trade thinking they're goin to get rich. In reality only a very few get rich, the rest are used to do the dirty work of some one else who doesn't care whether they live or die as long as they are making them a dollar and following the party line.

    I hope my son and others like him can learn or relearn before it is too late, that no, you're not going to be perfect, but being a real man means being brave in what matters; family, contributing to society, and protecting the vulnerable.
    As a mother I love my son and pray for him daily. It sounds corny, but I will also be praying for you Agent K, that you will be enocouraged, and your family will blessed and that you will have unseen guardians protecting you day and night.

  17. what you think ever one sells 4 the HA if thats true y is there a war i dont like crack i dont like the people that sell it for greed but some people sell drugs because thats all they no and are doing it to support there families for there kids dont have to grow up like them

  18. Motherforchange. Thanks for your encouragement. My condolences for your son but realize in due time he’ll come around. The money to be made is very tempting indeed but the perpetual betrayal is eminent. He will see soon enough.

    One Time. Yes I think everyone sells for the Hells angels or else they get shot. The last three shootings in Surrey are a prime example of that. I realize that selling crack is quick money. Yet crack is so addictive. If everyone just sold pot they’d still make money just not as much money but it wouldn’t do so much damage to people. Torturing crack addicts for drug debts is wrong.

  19. you dont no to much about the biz your the life style and that fine but if you are going to right about it you should learn more about it and crack is not addictive opeatiets are the money is not in the rock no more its in the pills

  20. Crack, crystal meth, Oxycontin – it’s all the same to me. If someone starts selling and they aren’t selling for the Hells Angels they end up shot.

  21. that is so rong but u are going to think what ever you like

  22. "they wood tell"

    "crack is not addictive opeatiets are"

    "all they no"

    Ha Ha, too goddamn much, lol. Are you too stupid to breathe? What Planet is this? Am I a bear? Whaddaya no about life? Just effin' Hilarious, I'm putting this up on a Forum. No one better tell non-Canadians this dude *exists.* One sure hopes he didn't go to our damn schools, if so, we must fire all teachers pronto! Really; how can anyone go to any school & end up this way? Living proof of why some folks sell dope one guesses.

    Meanwhile; how he could be a dope-ster & think crack isn't addictive is wild.

    But he's right about one thing; cocaine market in the USA anyway, is downhill big-time, no doubt; I know 1 gram of powder for $27 has been happening. Any 1 drug has a popularity life-cycle. Coke is on the outs in lots of places, everywhere, they make too much, too much competition, rock-bottom pricing. *Up* Rush freaks do meth now. Lots of pill sales downtown, morphine everywhere. $1/per/mg. Oxy prices the same, people feel with pills, they think they know what they are getting, but that's BS too, there are pill-presses for everything. The Mexican can sure move shit; but whether they are thinking like good Colombian businessmen's another. Lots of cartel guys downtown.

  23. Wow, miss a few days of the blog and all hell breaks loose.

    I'm sorry you've been subjected to this as a parent. How on earth did anyone get hold of your identity and personal details?

  24. It’s not that hard to figure out. Trolls will be trolls.


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