Monday, November 7, 2011

Two more Vancouver gang shootings

Gang shootings, right, my bad. It's really hard to keep up with the play by play on all the gang shootings. We know Mehrdad Saki was shot in the face in New West last Monday and Axel Curtis was shot dead walking his dog in Vancouver Sunday morning. He was shot six times in the chest. at 8:10 into this Youtube video you can see a clip of Axel.

The Vancouver Province claims "Latest gang killing highlights growing Metro Vancouver drug war." OK let's do the math. Axel was a member of the UN. So the UN didn't kill him neither did the Dak Pack. The Red Scorpions work for the Hells angels now so if the Red Scorpions shot him who do you think is ultimately responsible?

The Hells Angels killed three guys connected to the Surrey drug trade in five weeks not long ago. It was all about doing what Eric Sandburg told Agent 22 they were going to do - eliminate all the competition in Surrey. Let's not forget the recent Hells Angels shooting in an Ottawa shopping mall.

Here you thought I forgot about the Hells Angels just because I was writing about cocaine dealers in Victoria. Who do you think they work for? One of the suspects is friends with the son of the owner of the Western Wind. Go figure.


  1. Web anonymity is one's friend, Agent K;

    Narcos Behead Blogger Over Criticism.

    "A blogger who ran an online forum which criticized drug cartel violence has been found decapitated in Nuevo Laredo right across the border from Laredo, TX as reported by the Global Post: "it is the fourth victim in Nuevo Laredo who has been killed in apparent reaction to writing on the Internet." (Friends Of Ours)

    In California & Mexico;

    "Meanwhile, Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard says drug policy is schizoid; as reported by Daniel Hernandez for the Los Angeles Times: "'If the United States (California) is legalizing marijuana and we're over here killing ourselves on the street over marijuana, that does not make sense,' Ebrard said Tuesday, referring to U.S. states, such as California, that have sought to decriminalize the sale and use of cannabis."

    same link; no doubt, eh?

  2. Yeah they’re pretty ruthless in Mexico. They’re killing each other for the cocaine not the pot though.

  3. Agent K:

    "They’re killing each other for the cocaine not the pot though."

    That is just un-true & you must know it! CAF in Tijuana had a warehouse w/26 tonnes of pot & it was guarded by Mexican soldiers, they won't shoot to kill to keep that load, are you crazy?

    For Chrissakes, the Cartels are growing it in US National Parks; and shoot @ those who come near, I can't even go into the hills & fish around my old Shuswap area in harvest time, or I'LL get shot, and that is "news" to you? I even know some of the growers; it makes no diff., the others guard ALL plantations with shotguns & rifles and trip-wires. You're saying that that is all big-time news to you?

    If I rip an HA grow-op or two, no one will try & shoot me, are you nuts?

    Pot is worth big time CASH and you DIE if you get in the way!

    Tell me why and what grounds you have for making that crazy statement; you have no business running an gang blog if that's your level of reality; just un-real.

    Your increasingly bizarre political rants only interest you; changing yer mind about Jim Chu from one post to the next, in a very weird display of total mental dis-connect. WTF was with that? Chu is God's answer to Vancouver in one post (NOT ONE mention of Police mis-conduct in that post) and the next day he's gotta get the boot NOW. Huh...?

    Remeron is a great medication for wild mood-swings, think about it or something similar.

  4. Freddy: OK you’ve raised a few good points. Evidently you are correct in that the Mexican cartel has been found with pot in the tons. I was not aware of that. All we normally hear is the cocaine coming out of Mexico but it appears they are buying pot with it just like here. Which leads us to question how much of that is BC Bud and how much of the Mexican cocaine brought over through Operation Fast and Furious ended up in Canada. Nevertheless, we would agree the Mexican cartels are ruthless.

    Your other point was “If I rip an HA grow-op or two, no one will try & shoot me, are you nuts?” Yes, but you are right. The Hells Angels use violence to take over all the grow ops and if someone robs a Hells Angels grow op or simply tries to be independent, they will shoot them. That reinforces the violent nature of the Hells Angels and why letting them take over the industry is wrong.

    My point was if you take the Hells Angels out of the equation, the violence usually enters when the pot is traded for cocaine. Cocaine makes people crazy whether you are smoking it as crack or shooting people over the money to be made from it. Yes people will also shoot each other for the amount of money to be made from selling pot by the ton. Yet I think you would agree that smoking pot is different than smoking crack.

    As for the Jim Chu “mood swing” let’s look at reality. No two people agree on every political issue. Abraham Lincoln said stand with anyone as long as they stand right but part with them when they go wrong. I think Jim Chu has done some great things but I totally disagree with him using a set up to rationalize shutting down the Occupy Vancouver political protest. I think that is a shame violation of the Charter of Rights.

  5. Agent K, I want to apologize for the intemperate remarks in the previous post. We all have bad days; that was one of mine. Folks should think twice before hitting the *post* button...

    You do your best as you see fit, it's yer blog; not mine, and any two adults will have dis-agreements on the fundamental issues you discuss here.


  6. No worries. You were quite right about the Mexican cartels dealing with pot by the ton. I didn’t clue in that’s how everyone was paying for the cocaine. I do like Jim Chu. I’m just shocked with his u turn on the Occupy site and am a bit concerned about who he’s listening to now.


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