Monday, November 21, 2011

Kingpin Crew's new Clubhouse

I thought the Pinhead Crew were laying low after Mike and Sam's Oxycontin fraud bust. They've sure gone under cover. They went and painted a fruit stand black and grey but they can't fool us. We know it's still full of fruit loops. It's on Highway 97 on the way to the Kelowna Airport. It has MC on the front door now.

So tell me, is Donwntown Cycle still open? Someone said they were hanging low after the Oxy bust. I guess we're still waiting to see what happens in Dale's pal Joey's murder trial. Dale says if Joey killed Britney then their friendship is over. What a crock of shit that is. Who do ya think got him to do the job? If he was ripping Britney off he would have left town. If he murdered a rat to repay a debt he wouldn't of had to leave town. Only she wasn't a rat you piece of garbage. And Geoff didn't rip anyone off you dirty liar.

I understand that Brittney was quite the photographer. All the landscape photos in the tribute video I made for her and Geoff Meisner were from her facebook. Except for a couple ones of the snow on Big White. I just threw those in to show how awesome Kelowna is in the Winter as well as in the Summer. Awesome if they get rid of the Liquid Zoo good and the Habibs trying to bring it back.

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  1. Someone call CFB Cold Lake and give them the grid for this place. Great training mission, doesn't look like there's much nearby. Have a couple recon types laze the place during 'church' and it'll all work out.


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