Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bob Paulson next RCMP commissioner

According to CBC News, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has gone back to the ranks of the Mounties and has chosen Bob Paulson as the next commissioner of the RCMP. The official announcement is expected Wednesday. Three cheers. This was my second choice after Jim Chu. That's way better than appointing a lawyer for the Hells angels to the Supreme Court. What was the president of the Conservative party doing representing the Hells angels anyways?

Hey, Harper did something I agree with. Can you believe that? Miracles never cease. Now if he just arrested Brian Mulroney for the two million dollar settlement he defrauded the Canadian tax payers out of...

A civilian in charge of the RCMP is like having a civilian in charge of your military. It doesn't make sense. Promoting from within does. Bob Paulson isn't in Boy George's corrupt camp of pension fraud either. I am told he was involved with the gang task force in BC before things started to go wrong. I'm told he was competent and did a good job. Let's hope he gets the support he needs to inspect the troops and clean house so we can effectively start dealing with the OMGs in BC once again.


  1. I hope you're right K. We've had enough make believe commissioners at the head of this once very proud police force. Makes no sense in having a civilian wannabe cop in charge when they have no idea what it is all about. I agree with a civilian watchdog to keep them on the straight and narrow. But we do need someone tough enough to deal with the OMG's and street gangs all across this country. I for one wish him all the best in his new job as top cop and hope he puts the angels on the top of his get to list.

  2. I agree. Civilian watchdog not civilian commissioner. Let’s hope he does prioritize the OMGs. There has been over a generation of the RCMP pulling the plug on Hells Angel investigations. They have a lot of answering to do and a lot to make up for.

  3. A generation. I wonder how many ruined lives and deaths that would be due to the angels drug business. Law Enforcement's results vs. ha are absolutely a joke. ha to the south still do business, but nowhere near the level that BC gets away with. And there is no 'catch and release' program down there. They do time. Real time.

  4. I think there has been many cases where the police have devoted a great deal of time and energy to make real inroads against the hells angels drug trade in BC only to be stopped dead by upper RCMP management. Operation Phoenix, the Western Wind, the list goes on. I suppose the first step to fixing the problem is to find out why they are doing it. Is it really jurisdictional jealousy or is it bigger than that. Could we have an Operation Fast and Furious here in Canada?

  5. This guy has personally detained and searched me illegally on three occasions, back when we were both younger and on the streets of Chilliwack. At best, we can expect more of the same bullshit that the RCMP has been putting over on us for years.

    Having a member at the helm isn't going to bode well for the RCMP. It hasn't in the past, and I can't see Paulson maintaining the status quo making any difference. To expect as much is as naive as believing that one politician will do a better job than another. We all know that both politicians and the RCMP are butt boys for big business, and not much else.

    We'd be better off with a chimp running the show, as the chimp would actually be held accountable for its activity, because it lacks the intellectual ability to pass the buck.

    Fuck Bob Paulson. He's just as inept as any of the other cops who were considered for the job. Enough of putting the wolves in charge of the hen house. Bring in a former CEO of a Fortune 500 company and run the real 'Big Red Machine' as a business. Things will change for the better.

  6. Say what you mean, don’t hold back : ) Chilliwack? Bob Paulson is from Chilliwack? What do you mean run the Big Red Machine like a business? Don’t they do that already?

  7. Some problems on the RCMP funding front, the RC's planned huge wage increases for themselves it seems;

    "B.C. municipalities are seeking answers from the federal government on what pay raises for the RCMP announced this week will cost local governments."

    "Langley City Mayor Peter Fassbender, who has been on the negotiating team for an RCMP contract for the past four years, said municipalities were shocked to hear about Ottawa's plan for seven separate increases for RCMP members over the next three years."

    "The decision was made by the Treasury Board without consultation with municipalities, and included in the federal budget."

    "Municipalities were told about the raises Wednesday - two weeks after B.C. signed a 20-year deal to keep the RCMP, after threatening earlier to pull out and create its own force."

    "The deal, which is now being ratified by municipalities, was focused on controlling costs to municipalities."

    "But Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts said the pay raise move could potentially cost her city $6 million to $8 million more in extra costs. Surrey has Canada's largest RCMP detachment."

    "This is not an issue as to whether the RCMP get a raise or not," Watts said. "The piece here is there was no consultation, no input. All of a sudden it was passed by Treasury Board and here's your bill. Whether there's offsetting or other additional costs, we don't know."

    "Everyone was blindsided by this."

    http://tinyurl.com/7ylqww3 (V. Sun)


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