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Paxton torture victim speaks in court

Another update: This article describes some of the victim's injuries that were obviously caused by assaults and also claims court records state the victim was an intravenous drug user.


Now Renee is threatening to post my home address again as well as my daughter’s name on the Internet. That woman is inherently evil.


The other thing I have to say is about the two earth shattering new developments in the Paxton Torture trial. In today's Vancouver Province we read that the torture victim finally took the stand and answered the question we've been dying to have an answer to for so long. Why on earth did he stay in a relationship where he was literally getting tortured when he had opportunities to leave.

That has been the cutting question that has lead to so much speculation about the motive that Internet forums bursting with opinions are now quiet due to a court publication ban on the victims name. Yet we all know who it is. We all know the mother who hadn't seem that son in over ten years hired a professional media consultant to help her fund raise for the victim's medical fees and to help her family cope. The victim's biological father and the victim's biological daughter didn't get a dime.

We all know that the victim had testified in a Hells angels murder trail many years ago. We all know that his mother and brother lied about the circumstances surrounding that trial. He didn't just live in the same neighbourhood as where a gang related shooting took place. He and his brother were friends with the shooter. The shooter stayed with them for a few days in their home after he shot the Hells angels associate because he didn't want to pay the drug debt he owned him.

I have not named any names. There is a publication ban on the name of the victim. Yet the facts surrounding this case are part of the public domain and are protected by the inherit right to free speech. Given the victim's association with the shooter, it was my theory that the Hells Angels wanted to punish the shooter by torturing one of his friends. They had already shot the guy's brother in retaliation. Yet Sean Wolfe and Dale Donovan really liked the young drug dealer that looked like he was 12 years old. So much so Dale (Deli) had a tattoo of the we lad as a memorial. So the police claimed in court. When the target was shot the people that called 911 thought a 12 year old kid had been hit.

That was my theory. Others thought crystal meth was involved. They thought the cuts, the scabs, the weight loss all looked like a Crystal meth addiction. Others though he stayed in that horrifically abusive relationship because they were gay and he had the battered wife syndrome. Personally I thought that one was absurd. Yet Paxton has also been charged with sexual assault as well as aggravated assault and unlawful confinement.

So today the victim takes the stand and finally tells us what we have all been dying to know. Why did he stay in that horrifically abusive relationship when he had opportunities to leave. His biological mother who hadn't seen him in over ten years blamed the mother of his daughter for the abuse when she was the one that called the police and reported him missing and she asked him to leave but he said no. Others claim he stayed because Paxton threatened to kill his daughter. But no. Today we hear what the victim clams the reason was that he refused to leave.

Crown prosecutor Joe Mercier asked why he didn't leave. "I could have, but I would have thought of myself as a sissy for giving up like that." Despite the beating, the two were soon sharing a house. "We were getting along fine, only because I was doing whatever he said." "Why did you do that?" asked Mercier.

"I didn't want to get beat. He was getting more violent every single day. Every day there was an incident." Paxton smirked and shook his head as he listened to the testimony. The man went on to describe being punched, choked unconscious "about 1,000 times," and being hit variously with a cane, a dog leash and an extension cord. "I looked liked a guy who just got beat up. Always."

Although he said Paxton would beat him daily, Paxton didn't give reasons for the beatings. "My survival instinct kicked in. I still hung out with Dustin, even though I was getting beaten," the man said. "It was literally on a daily basis. He'd either hit me with a cane or a leash, constantly threw me around."

He said anything would set Paxton off, including taking leftovers for lunch or buying the wrong brand of bread. "He totally . . . beat the s--t out of me."

I'm sorry son but that doesn't cut it. It doesn't pass the test of believability. He had opportunities to leave but didn't. Instead he chose to endure horrific abuse and torture because he thought he's be a Sissy if he left. That simply doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Not even for a nice guy with brain injuries who is coached by a fruitcake.

They didn't ask him about the crystal meth Paxton's former victim and former girlfriend testified they all did together. They didn't ask if he recognized a man by the name of Tiny Mac. One of Sean Wolfe and Dale Donavan's friends who lived in the area at the time. So the victim has spoken and we still don't have any answers. It doesn't look like we'll get any either in this life.

Oh yeah, the other bombshell. Dustin Paxton's alleged torture victim told a Calgary courtroom Tuesday he performed sex acts on Paxton because he would have done anything to get the beatings to stop. Anything but leave when he had opportunities to do so. "Personally I thought it was disgusting, but I was in survival mode. I would do anything to not get beaten," he said.

Ah, there it is finally. He was asked about the drugs in cross examination. When the cross-examination started, defence lawyer Jim Lutz asked the man about drug use in the Centre Street house he shared with Paxton. The man said he smoked marijuana, but testified Paxton indulged in crystal meth. The man added that he quit meth at age 25.

OK so now the victim admits he did crystal meth but claims he quit when he was 25. That would contradict the testimony of Paxton's former girlfriend in the other trial. She said they all did crystal meth together. So the victim admits he did crystal meth in the past but quit when he was 25. So when their friend who shot the Hells angels drug dealer from the Zig Zag crew stayed in their home, did he and his brother do crystal meth then? Who did they buy it from?

Oh and here's another new development: Lutz reads from police transcript, in it AV says "He [Paxton] delivered me to people to get beat all the time." by KatyAnderson via twitter 11/2/2011 8:40:14 PM 1:40 PM That was the key suspicion. That Paxton wasn't the only person who beat him. That would imply others were involved. That would explain why leaving would be problematic.

One reader reminded me about the mysterious man who showed up at the hospital. I forgot to mention that and I do think it is very significant. We were told a large tattooed man showed up at the hospital in Regina after Paxton's victim was dropped off. We were told he acquired personal contact information for his family and the hospital made a public apology to the family for the security breach.

This is significant when we read how the defense pointed out the victim claimed in a previous police report Paxton would drive him places to be beaten by other people. We don't know who the mystery man is. We do know that Tiny Mac is a large tattooed man who was living in Calgary and doling business in Regina at the time. We know he and Sean Wolf were accused of threatening a young kid with a gun and beating him with a hammer but the kid refused to testify against them.


  1. Regarding the meth use, it doesn't necessarily contradict the girl's testimony in the other trial. He was 25 when he moved to Calgary. He was hospitalized in Calgary just prior to or right around his 26th birthday. He may have quit when he entered the Calgary hospital.

  2. This has meth addiction all over it. Heterosexual men engaging in sex acts together. Violent rages. Curious surface skin and teeth injuries. Weight loss. METH.

    He should have just admitted it. People would respect him more. The sissy story sounds like something spoon fed to him by "the fruit cake.

  3. Dani: That’s a good point. It would be logical to find out how old he is now and how old he was when he went into the hospital to compare that with his claim he quit doing meth when he was 25. That does make sense. Mind you with that world’s strongest man campaign he led one would think he might have had a relapse since then.

    Crystal: Yes it does sound like he’s being coached. It’s still a horrific thing he has been through. There’s just so many strange missing pieces to the puzzle. The court case is just getting weirder day by day.

  4. Ugh, blogger itsn't letting me post. So I'll try again.

    All I have to say is whoever told "AV" to do what he did in court, made him look like an idiot. There is way more to the case than "Paxton is a bad dude". It's too bad none of them can tell the truth, justice isn't served via lies.

    The poor folks on the Paxton trial page on FB are now getting a taste of the raging trolls who don't allow discussion on a highly publicized case. I like how they are still pointing fingers at LA after all this time.

  5. Words escape me for how tragic this situation is. If even a part of him wanted to leave the abuse, where was he to go? He had no family, no education, no friends. He had his abuser, that's it. The mother of his child expressed concern, but remember, she had struck up a relationship with Paxton, too around this time. Everyone in his life was intertwined with Paxton.

    The one chance he had to get away was when he was in the hospital that first time for a couple of months. He asked for his mother to contact him. That was the defining moment for him, and his only real chance of being honest with someone. If she had gone to him then, I suspect things would have been different. But that didn't happen, and the only home/job he had when he got out was with his abuser.

    The "sissy" comment is heartbreaking. Despite the torture, would it have been worse torture to admit to his ex-girlfriend that he was being beat up? Apparently. Tragic, just tragic.

    One thing I do wonder about is DNA evidence. Despite Paxton's reputation as being a neat-freak and orderly, he daily beats his victim with whips, canes and God-knows what else? Just look at the victims photos -- those kind of injuries don't occur without a ton of splattered blood to clean up. It was reported the victim couldn't use the bathroom without help. There must have been accidents and vomiting, and all sorts of secretions that would be all over that house. Who was cleaning all of this up? Who was bathing him and washing the blood out of his hair and clothes? Towards the end of the victim's confinement, it must have been a full-time job to keep this dirty little secret and still feed his need to keep things clean and orderly.

    I have long suspected that there were other abusers besides Paxton. There was one controversial, in-the-know poster, back in the day (before the 10,000 crash) that suggested that very notion and it made the hair on my neck stand up. There were others that were invited and encouraged to use the victim. And then I suspect they were ordered to clean up the mess.

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  7. This is profound and wildly fundamental.

    by HereIam:

    "It's too bad none of them can tell the truth, justice isn't served via lies."

  8. happy to see the GOB is back, the FB group once again is not allowing people to talk.

  9. Quoting from CBC.ca;

    "I was only allowed to eat one meal a day," says assault victim, describing how he would sneak off to eat doughnuts while at work.
    by KatyAnderson via twitter October 31 at 4:21 PM"

    So the AV did indeed have money to buy a lunch, he chose donuts. Also He was able to sneak off to buy those donuts, yet he claims he could not sneak off to save his own butt from Paxton.

    Remember there was the guy from Cell Block 66(?), he did a shout out to say the AV was seen outside a homeless shelter. Obviously the AV knew where he could go for help, but he backed down, Why? Maybe because Paxton kept his meth addiction fed?

  10. Keeping a meth addiction fed would be one possible reason he stayed. One has to wonder who they bought the meth from and if they had any drug debts from the meth. As for the large tattooed man, no doubt if the large tattooed man that was looking for the family of the victim was involved with the Hells Angels, the family would likely deny the Hells Angels had anything to do with the victim’s injuries out of fear of reprisal.

  11. Wouldn't there be a toxicology report from the hospital listing all the drugs in his system? I don't recall if there was one ruling it out, or whether we never heard one way or the other. But the fact that he stayed to feed an addiction makes the most logical sense. Why would the victim admit to oral sex and masturbation, but be embarrassed to admit a meth addiction?

    Has the trial shed light on the injuries to his penis?

    AV says he would perform oral to escape getting hit. With a broken jaw, cut up lips and severed tongue? I would imagine that would be equally as painful as getting hit. Unless these acts were done to score drugs, before his injuries left him unable to walk, speak or function.

    Bob, I remember reading, too that he had been so hungry he would shoplift a candy bar.

  12. I do remember hearing about a toxicology report from the Calgary hospitalization. No doubt medical files are confidential. Paxton’s former girlfriend testified they all did meth together in Calgary. The victim admitted he did meth until he was 25 when he went into the hospital. As for the other injuries, I think it’ pretty obvious a lot of strange and cruel things were done to him. The torture, whoever did it, was horrific.

  13. mayhem -

    "Along with bruises all over the 27-year-old’s body and various broken bones, superficial cuts around his penis suggested a rim-shaped object had been placed on the area, Dr. Elizabeth Brooks-Lim testified Tuesday in Court of Queen’s Bench."
    Oct 25, 2011 – 9:07 PM ET
    By Sherri Zickefoose

    this is about all that I have heard on that topic.

  14. If in fact AV was being coached as to how to testify and was being provided with his memories, perhaps the coach feels admitting to meth use in this scenario would lessen his case.

  15. Quoting; KMartinCourts Kevin Martin

    "Second man accusing Dustin Paxton of physical abuse went to ER with leg and back bruising and black eye, Calgary doctor testifies. painkillers morphine and percocet after going to ER for bruising, Doctor concedes injuries on second Dustin Paxton accuser "non-serious" and not in need of treatment for 6 1/2 hours after showing up at ER."

  16. Agent K, btw that pic of Paxton you've got on this thread really creeps me out. That is one pissed off, scarey azz glare.

  17. @ mayhem, I agree 100% with your entire statement. I do not buy for even a second that all of that damage was caused by just one puny man, and if it was, there are many, many reasons that it happened. There is denial all over that the pair had a relationship, that's too bad cuz it sure would expalin a lot. Since they did not have a relationship, the conspiracy theories will continue on forever.
    I would bet a lot on a mixture of Agent K and mayhem's ideas.

    I will say that it makes me utterly sick to see that a dig had to be made at the babymomma, why? What that said to me was two things a) she maybe did witness things, but following mayhem's thoughts, was not going to tell anyone, for whatever the reasons are, that no one else is telling the truth either. and b) that made everything the "av" had to say coached. He would never have spewed that one on his own.

    All in all, "av" and his star testimoney was ridiculous, in MHO. I think that Paxton is a bad dude, but I don't think he's bad dude alone. I won't doubt for a minute that he walks with very little punishment.

  18. Lindsey asked the victim to leave and he said no. Renee can’t blame her for that. Sounds more like displaced aggression and jealousy. Since the victim hadn’t been in contact with his mother for ten years, obviously he wants a relationship with his mother. It is tragic she made him cut off his relationship with his daughter in the process.

  19. This news article mentions intravenous drugs near the end of the article.


    "The neck fracture, which she said was caused by a direct blow, could have been a result of bearing heavy loads, such as moving furniture.

    The man also had a history of being an intravenous drug user, according to medical records.

    "That could have resulted in him being underweight," said Serink.

    Brooks-Lim agreed it was possible."

  20. “The man also had a history of being an intravenous drug user, according to medical records.” WTF? Wow we all missed that. Thanks for the link. He admitted he did meth. We never heard anything about intravenous drugs. Wow. Notwithstanding that new revelation, the abuse he took and the state he was in is frightening.

    The malnourished man was also suffering from pneumonia, court heard. "The pneumonia was extensive, involving both lungs," she said. Brooks-Lim, a forensic pathologist formerly of the Regina medical examiner's office and now in Calgary, described an exhaustive list of red and purple bruises, old bruises and long abrasions made by a flexible baton or bat-type object during her review of photographs and medical records for Regina police in July 2010.

    She noted the man had a broken nose, smashed cheekbones, scrapes, scabs, cauliflowered ears and healing rib fractures. He didn’t get cauliflowered ears and a broken nose from doing meth or heroin. He might have got those for a drug debt.

  21. In a videotaped police interrogation after Paxton was arrested:

    In the recording, Paxton confirmed he was no longer taking medication for schizophrenia.

    This is news to me. Was this ever discussed before? Anyone know anything about schizophrenia?


  22. And here's something else. The motel clerk that housed them for one month, Feb. thru March 2010...just weeks before he was dropped off at the hospital...made this reference:

    Paxton also warned her that two men in a white moving truck were going to arrive and ask for him.

    She agreed to keep them at bay, saying Paxton had left for work, and if they tried to move anything from his motel room, she would call police.

    Paxton felt the need the move to a motel room for one whole month, instead of stay in the home they shared. Why? And what was he specifically warning the motel clerk about these "two men in a white moving truck." What would they be attempting to move from the motel room...Dustin, money, drugs?

    Seems like two men in a white moving truck would be people that work for him. If that's the case, why would they attempt to move something from the room without permission or an order to do so?

  23. I guess the "schizophrenia" explains lots. Couple schizophrenia with meth use and you have the ultimate monster.

  24. Regardless of his drug addictions and his mental health, I’d hardly call him the monster. He did incur some pretty horrific injuries that are rightly classified as torture. Paxton being on the run from the people in the white moving van is interesting.

  25. Agent K? Paxton is the one they refer to as having schizophrenia. Paxton is the monster.

  26. Oh my goodness, you’re right. Thanks for clarifying that. I thought the post said the victim was schizophrenic. It does say Paxton. I do agree Paxton is a monster. I am also curious who else he was taking the victim to be beaten by and who they were hiding from.

  27. Why did the AV want his daughter and her mother to come live with him and Paxton? That makes no sense! He has testified that he was getting beatings on a daily basis, there was drug use going on (marijuana and crystal meth) as well as sexual abuse. Wouldn't he want to keep his daughter as far away from that situation as possible?!

    Surely the prosecution or the defense would try to gather information on the other alleged perpatrators? Maybe we need patience on this one, but if Paxton wasn't the only one abusing the AV (which I tend to agree with) then the others need to be charged as well.

    I think the beating were due to drug debts. Those people don't just beat the shit out of unknown victims for no reason. It's almost always for retribution.

    Take a good look at Paxton. He's a little worm and just a fraction of the size the AV was when he first arrived in Calgary, yet the AV said the physical abuse started on the first day. It is not possible to brainwash a person in less than a day. Not happening. Why didn't the AV defend himself on day one? Or leave? And why doesn't Paxton have a lot of visible war wounds on his face? Maybe he was making the AV the scapegoat in a situation where drug debts were owed and blamed him for everything.

    Maybe he was getting unlimited access to drugs and did not want his pipeline to dry up. When people are heavily addicted to drugs, they will do and subject themselves to prettymuch anything to get their drug of choice, ie: sexual favors. Happens every day.

    I am in no way trying to blame the victim, nor letting Paxton off the hook, just trying to rationalize the irrational. I don't think we're seeing the big picture here, and possibly never will.

    What a sad sad situation for the victim. So many people failed him on so many levels.

  28. Who said he wanted his daughter and her mother to come live with him and Paxton? That is strange. It is a very sad situation. Even if he was being tortured for drug debts, I think the key point is that he is not to blame. It’s like all those addicts they found chained in the basement of crack houses in Prince George being tortured for drug debts. It’s sick.

  29. I fully agree with your comment Agent K. Regardless what the AV was doing or not doing, the choices he may or may not have made, etc there is NOTHING that could possibly warrant ANY abuse subjected towards him. I should have made that clearer, and I apologize for that. I remain steadfast on my belief that so many people have failed him on so many levels. I can't imagine what he has gone through and my heart goes out to him.

    The mother of the AV's daughter said that she went out to Calgary on the premise of becoming a bookkeeper for the moving business. Her and her daughter were going to live in the basement of the house on Centre Street. She stayed for a month I believe, and during a portion of that time the AV was hospitalized. The AV said that a fridge fell on him while moving.

    The AV's ex-girlfriend said that she went for daily visits to the hospital, and was still staying at the home after he was released from the hospital. I think he was in the hospital from sometime in September until early November. I wish we could see the old thread because I'm just going by memory... I remember her saying that the AV wanted her to move to Calgary with his daughter so that he could be a daily presence in their lives, that's why the basement suite was suggested.

    I can't remember whether or not the ex-girlfriend was in Calgary prior to the hospitalization for the "fridge incident" or if she came to Calgary because the AV was in the hospital.

    Regardless, I am certain that there was talk of her becoming the bookkeeper for the business and she came out for a trial run, as well as checking things out prior to moving her daughter out. I am also certain that the plan was for her and her daughter to live in the basement.

    Anybody out there that remembers this and can possibly clarify. Thanx.

  30. No worries, I’m sure that’s what you meant. I just wanted to clarify that if I’m positing something about the court claiming the AV had a drug history, that in no way means he wasn’t tortured and assaulted or that in any way he deserved to be tortured and assaulted. It hard enough for victims of abuse not to blame themselves.

  31. Agent K: I find it odd that Renee would threaten you, as shown above, Do you know if she is threatening all media sources for following the Paxton case?

    Huh?; I recall the conversation about the AV's daughters mother seeing about taking on the book keeping job for the company. From my recollections she had left Calgary to return to Winnipeg after a long stay nursing the av back to health when he was in the Calgary hospital. for whatever reason she had decided that Calgary would not be a good place to take her daughter there. If she would have moved out with her daughter, they would rent the downstairs basement, it was empty when she got out there, and the AV was in the hospital for his fridge accident.

  32. I just noticed the addition of the second photo above. I have a hard time understanding her animosity. She herself published her name, her family's names, and many many photos on the internet. She herself started a FB group and a website whose sole purpose was to spread the word and make people aware. Now that she has all the attention that she asked for, she expects no one to discuss it??? I'm sorry, but you reap what you sow. You cannot promote and advertise to thousands and thousands of people and then expect them all to stay silent when you no longer "need" them.

    I wonder if she tries to exert the same control on the press.

  33. No Renee is just threatening me. She can’t censor this like she can censor her forum and she wants it shut down like they fraudulently had the other two forums shut down. I guess it’s personal because the media didn’t really publish the fact that she hadn’t seen the AV in ten years. Last time the threat was made through Shelly. This time she did it herself. It doesn’t really matter. We all make choices. I’ve already made mine.

  34. Who does Renee think she is anyway? Does she think she can censor and bully here like she did on the DL support group? And to threaten you and expose your daughter on the internet is just plain despicable. I am glad you decided to post her facebook message for all to see and judge for themselves.

  35. She knows I run a blog about gang members. She knows they threatened to rape my daughter. She knows what she’s doing when she posts my daughter’s name and my home address on the Internet. Kind of explains how a nice guy like the AV ended up in such a horrible position.

  36. I guess the point is, if anyone sees where her blog or facebook page is that posts my daughter’s name and my home address, please screen cap it, report it to blogger or facebook and also report it to the police. Cheers.

  37. Pfffft this is how she expresses her vile guilt for all her mistakes. She should just disappear. Wishing ...

  38. At least we all know that she would not be so vengeful, if it all were not so true. As they say "the truth hurts". Her type likes to attempt to pull others down in her natural spiral of failure.

  39. Yeah hells angels regularly do things like this and video tape it and pass it around it sickens me theyre considered an exotic prize by many girls where im from. The kids look to them like they're cool and bad.Treated like theyre something cool police are far nicer to them than your average victim because they secretly admire that type of behavior. members of the hells angels have been arrested for child porn snuff porn torture porn rape porn. Why is it hard to believe they got Dustin Paxton high on meth and ghb shit hes probably a torture victim himself suffering from Stockholm syndrome. I talk shit about hells angels oopenly and anyone else who engages in these types of despicable acts and welcome all comers while i dont drink and keep many loaded guns never leave home without em. Has the world always been this fucked in some regions and in some periods of time it was but i can tell you people are losing their morality. We need a strong government with a strong leader to take charge. We need mroe pride in humanity and more pride in our country and what we stand for. We need to stop glamorizing gangs and violence and drugs.


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