Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blaze charged with Sexual Assault

Someone just pointed out that Donnie McWhirter‏ of Kelowna aka Blaze was in court recently. His case has been set over to January 20th 2012. Turns out he's facing two counts of assault and one count of sexual assault. Another Hells angel associate charged with sexual assault. I find that rather disturbing. The offense was from December 14, 2010. He's out on bail for sexual assault for over a year before the case goes to trial? That is rather absurd. I bet his case would be heard a lot sooner if he had been growing pot.

Donnie is the one we referred to as Napoleon Dynamite for posing with an IS shirt on and a 50 pound barbell on the bench. He is an associate of Joey Verma who has been charged with the murder of Britney Irving.

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  1. Disgusting, the RCMP are crooked, they think they are the FBI of Canada.


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