Thursday, December 2, 2010

David Giles and the Kelowna Hells Angels Plan

Well since some representatives from the Kelowna Hells Angels made the news recently, I'd like to know what Davie Giles says they were going to do with all those guns, ammo, balaclavas and cell phone jammers.

The prime suspect is full patch member Joseph Skreptak. He was one of the founding members of the Kelowna chapter. The interesting thing is, Davie Giles was caught on wire barking orders about the establishment of a Kelowna chapter.

He was clearly calling the shots and said he was "tired of drivin' a ... thousand miles, kilometres every two weeks" to attend chapter meetings in Vancouver. He said he was working with members of the East End chapter "to convince them how to feel comfortable with what we wanna do, and then go forward."

So... whatcha wanna do with all those guns and ammo? Surely a founding member of the chapter David Giles helped set up wouldn't do anything with Hells Angels colours unless he was on official business with the permission of the local executive. So surely David Giles had foreknowledge of the road trip and they had his permission. He sure must be a nice guy.

I don't think Juel Stanton was executed for robbing grow ops and taking them over for the Hells Angels. That part was doing the East Vancouver chapter's business. Speaking of Juel Stanton, how can the East Vancouver chapter make an executive decision without involving the executive of the chapter?

Why did the East Vancouver chapter hire Mickie (Phil) Smith and Yurik to murder Paul Percy Soluk at a crack house in Surrey? How could that decision be made without David Giles' knowledge and permission?

In 2005 police raided a grow-operation in a Kelowna house that East End Hells Angels member Joseph Skreptak owned, but had rented out. Skreptak was not in the house when the raid occurred, but his truck -- with a Hells Angels sticker on it -- was parked there and another Hells Angels sticker was on the front door of the home.

So what's the K Town Plan? Is it the same as the East Van Plan - to take over grow ops by force? That surely is what the evidence points to.

This "joint" article between the Vancouver Sun and the Victoria Times talks about the Hells Angels involvement in the stripper agencies in BC. We know CJ Spoon has ties to the Hells Angels. He was the guy that got house arrest from Peter Leask for trafficking cocaine for the Hells Angels. Now he's a dweeb on the Dirty running a stripper agency on Facebook.

We also know that Gino Zumpano was tied to Brandy's strip club in Vancouver. Mixed reports are coming in about how since Gino no longer works there the Hells Angels won't let any of the girls who work there work in any of their clubs. That would be another example of taking over a market not just participating in it.

We know the Hells Angels were involved with the Orange Number 5 in East Van as well as the Cecil. I hear the Cecil shut down and a new dive has opened up in Surrey in addition to Tbars. Both clubs recently allowed knives past their security which resulted in targeted double stabbings.

Being involved in the stripper business is one thing. Taking it over is another. Being involved in grow ops is one thing. Taking them over is another. Being involved in the BC Bud for cocaine trade is one thing. Using violence to take it over is another.

Glad to hear the Nanaimo chapter lost their appeal over their seized clubhouse. That's kinda like one step forward two steps back when we see how the courts are enforcing some of the criminal org legislation but not all of it in BC.

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