Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Gang Shootings in Vancouver

Although gang related shooting have eased off slightly this year from last year, there still continues to be spikes in the violence which makes tracking every shooting impractical.

However, I will cite a recent one which reaffirms the disproportionate response to justice in BC. Seizing your car for two drinks while letting gang members run around with guns shooting each other in public and saying it's OK the victims were known to police doesn't make sense. The amount of gang members in BC who have guns and use guns yet receive no real consequence for doing so is staggering.

A masked gunman armed with an assault rifle lay in wait outside Best Neighbours Restaurant early Sunday -- then shot 10 victims Rambo-style, spraying dozens of bullets.

The shooting was apparently retaliation which was likely a retaliation for a retaliation and so on... Const. Jana McGuinness said all the victims had gang affiliations and no one outside of their group was shot.


  1. the targets of the shooting are an old and established multi-generational jewish crime group.

    as for the motivation, who really knows... but i don't put a lot of faith in the media and police theories. they simply don't have good ingelligence on these things.


  2. A Jewish crime group? Haven’t heard from those guys in quite some time. That’s an interesting theory but if it was in retaliation for the murder of Gurmit Dhak in Metrotown what would that have to do with a Jewish crime group? I suppose you’re implying that motivation is false.

    So if the targets were members of a Jewish crime group, who were the shooters with? The restaurant the shooting took place is beside a Kosher restaurant and bakery. Do we know the last names of any of the victims yet?


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