Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Fall of Bacchus

Here's an interesting photo someone sent me. They claim it's a picture of a Bacchus member riding with an RCMP member. They claim the Bacchus guy is riding a Honda. It's hard for me to tell since most of these guys buy brand new Harley's with big ass fairings that look like Goldwings. It's pretty bizarre if you ask me. I hear they hand out free eyebrow pencils with those fat ass fairings to go with their Merl Norman eyebrows.

Bacchus association with the police is an interesting concept. We know Hells Angel Ian Grant had a confidential police file in his home. Someone gave it to him. The strange thing about Bacchus is their logo.

They stole the Spartan helmet and gave the guy a pointy condom nose. I've heard of pencil neck geeks but that's ridiculous. They must wear a condom on their nose for all the brown nosing they do with the Hells Angels. They are clearly affiliated.

The ironic thing is, Spartans stood against the Big Red Machine so to speak they didn't bow down and bend over for them. Thus the fall of Bacchus.

This is where they all assume the position of getting their patch. And this would be what the world refers to as a Bacchus clown. Unbelievable. And I don't mean that in a good way. Freakin Idiot. Bunch of Barbie Girls.

In Vancouver Bacchus is just a restaurant. The Media tells us that some of the smaller clubs back east patched over to Bacchus recently because the Rock Machine was starting up there. So here we have a bunch of guys who patched over to another club so they could pay for the Hells Angels protection like the Zig Zag crew because they were afraid of the Rock Machine. How lame is that?

The Hells Angels were kicked out of Nova Scotia. Now Bacchus is kissing their ass and the Hells Angels are operating under their name to get around the law that evicted them. It sure is a Barbie world. Plastic just isn't very fantastic.

Come to think of it, how on earth are the Hells Angels going to protect the new Bacchus in Nova Scotia from the Rock Machine when David Carol is in hiding and the Hells Angels aren't allowed back in Nova Scotia? Ya think Davie Giles is going to protect them? Now that really is funny. Who do you think betrayed Juel Stanton?

Sure they could spend some money on hit men to murder a few Rock Machine members but they can't kill all of them. They'd have to raise the dues even more to pay for all those hit men. How lame is that?


  1. I have to admit, these colors or patch that the Bacchus wear look like something a member of the gang had drawn back when he was 12 years old after seeing the Wild One or the Wild Angels, thinking he was going to start a motorcycle gang someday. It really is quite childish if you look at it or think about it.

  2. Childish is right. These are men who never grew up. It looks like they are lost in Never Never Land: http://www.gangstersout.com/never_never_land.htm


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