Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kids who never grew up

Speaking of Buttkiss, here's a picture of Pat James drying off his fingers after some serious nose picking. Is that your age or your IQ? The way you act it's hard to tell. Careful people, this buttkliss has eyes in the back of his head. I've said it before and I'll say it again. You sir are an idiot.

A guy draws eyes on the back of his head while wearing a condom nose logo. Believe you me Kimball Dipshit, there is absolutely no jealousy here. You are a bunch of freaking idiots who never grew up. L & R my ass. How can people respect you for kissing HA ass?

I'll tell ya what the problem is. The Hells Angels want to control everything. Have a look at this blog post. Who the fuck are the Hells Angels to say who can where what patch when? The Hells Angels are just drug dealers. Their club has nothing to do with riding motorcycles and living the dream. Their dream is oppression and tyranny. There is no place for them in the real movement.


  1. Agent K, you sound pretty stupid yourself with comments like that. You don't even know the guy and just cuz he has tattoos on the back of his head and he's holding up his middle fingers he is an idiot? Look i'm not saying that cue-ball up there is a Nobel Peace Prize winner, but what are you basing your comments off of? I come to this site a lot and respect what you do but your rants have become trivial and pedantic.

  2. Oh and btw it should say comments will be visible IF approved not WHEN approved.

  3. If and when they are approved indeed. I started moderating comments when Hells Angels supporters kept threatening to rape my daughter. All I’m saying is the guy looks like an absolute idiot with eyeballs tattooed to the back of his head just like the guy with the clown face paint. I have ink. That doesn’t mean sfa. There’s a lot of bad ink out there and bad ink is nothing to brag about.

    The Hells Angels sell crack. The Hells Angels use violence to take over the drug market in smaller towns. The Hells Angels use puppet clubs who pay them dues like the Zig Zag crew for protection. There is nothing there to respect. The bottom line is the Hells Angels betray their own. Stay tuned for my Christmas message. The betrayal started with the Lennoxville massacre and never stopped.

  4. I wasn't aware of that, you can never be too careful when it comes to your family. Thanks for the response and I will indeed stay tuned. Have a merry Christmas

  5. No worries. In Prince George "someone" recently burned down a guy’s tattoo parlor as well as the home of his girlfriend’s mother. She was 60 years old and in a wheel chair. She was in the home when they set it on fire. When Robert Shannon was arrested for smuggling cocaine for the Hells Angels they threatened his co accused’s grandmother. That shit is whacked. Family is what it’s all about. That includes saving the MC family.

    Merry Christmas to ye.


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