Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Loving Dad shot and killed waiting trial for home invasion

All is quiet on the Western Front. Relatively speaking of course. A guy was shot dead in Prince George the other day. Nathan Alcide Marshall had appeared in court three days before he was murdered on home invasion charges: http://www.theprovince.com/news/Slain+father+faced+charges+home+invasion/2593285/story.html
It reminds me of how that Independent Soldier who was shot and killed was billed as a loving father when he had cocaine and guns in the same apartment as his child. Getting someone pregnant doesn't automatically make you a person of character. How you handle that stewardship does. I blotted out the eyes and face of his child in this photo the family gave to the media.

The child is innocent. Like the child who witnessed his mother shot to death in the same car he was in. The photo gives the impression of good covered in evil. Give the kid a chance and stop exploiting children in your PR campaign to sell drugs.
Now, on to the root of the problem. If this guy was involved with drugs in Prince George, then he was involved with the Hells Angels. The police and the media claim that no one can sell drugs in Prince George without the Hells Angels permission. We are told that the Renegades are a puppet club for the Hells Angels in PG that sell drugs and the Crew is another group affiliated with the Renegades and the Hells Angels that sell crack in Prince George.

Of late I am told that several members of the Crew in PG are crossing over to the Independent Soldiers in PG who are also another puppet club for the Hells Angels after most of the original IS leadership were murdered.

This news article http://www.vancouverite.com/2010/02/20/man-found-dead-two-hours-after-rcmp-got-shots-fired-call/ claims that he was revered by many as a loving father. Drug addict, home invasion, loving father. I'm having difficulty with the math. I'm not saying there wasn't good in him. Quite the contrary. Everyone has good in them. He appears to be a good guy who has been struggling with a few demons of his own.

Lets take the alcohol and drug addiction. Anyone can fall to those. Yet when those addictions arise, they become more important than anything else including family, friends and moral decency. Addictions can take over people and change them. That may not be the real person but real people have to live with the actions of addicts including the people who suffered the home invasion which he participated in.

This brings us back to the double edged sword. People who sell drugs and profit from the sale of drugs, like the Hells Angels in Prince George are the ones ultimately responsible for the crime and violence those drugs bring. Selling drugs is not noble and the Hells Angels sell drugs. The sale of drugs has brought violence to our community and the Hells Angels are not innocent of the violence as they erroneously claim.

The news article said the guy had time to think in prison and claims he realized he didn't love that life any more. So if that hearsay quote is true, it claims he admits at one time he loved that life - drugs, alcohol and home invasion. So he has an Epiphany and wants to change his life around and gets shot down before he gets the chance. Bad luck or were there more demons involved?

What is the Hells Angels biggest fear when a co accused is arrested? That they will have a change of heart and cut a deal to get less time served. This might not be the case here because time served for a first offense would not have been significant but the article claims he owed money.

OK let's do the math. He got involved with the wrong crowd in Prince George. He became addicted to drugs and owned people money. That is why he couldn't leave Prince George - he had drug debts. Who did he owe the money to? Could it have been anyone but the Hells Angels since they control the drug trade there?

We have read how the Hells Angels get violent if you owe them money for drugs. We have read about how they cut off someones finger for a $170 drug debt in Prince George: http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/story.html?id=142bb2e6-b63f-4a1a-8b83-f0a349687af4

Scott Payne was an enforcer for the Crew who ultimately worked for the Hells Angels. He cut off a crack addicts finger for a $170.00 drug debt. Joshua Hedrick was once a member of the Crew in Prince George. He was picked up by the police with this same Scott Payne. Joshua ended up dead floating down the Fraser River: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/found+Fraser+River+part+Prince+George+gang/1952430/story.html
Was Joshua trying to turn his life around too? Did he have any drug debts in Prince George? What about the woman who was brutally sexually assaulted by someone who claimed her husband owed the Hells Angels money: http://www.theprovince.com/Five+years+jail+vicious+assault+prostitute+Maple+Ridge/2353301/story.html

If the family and friends of Nathan Marshall want to do their friend any justice, they will come clean and name the people he owed the money to and expose the real demons that enslaved him and finally robbed his children of a father. Call the Prince George Crimestoppers at: 1 800 222-TIPS http://www.pgcrimestoppers.bc.ca/about-us/contact-us.html
Indeed there was a good side to Nathan: http://gangstersout.blogspot.com/2010/02/nathan-marshall-prince-george.html We owe it to him to let the world know who he owed money to and why.


  1. There is more than what meets the eye. You may judge this man like he was like 'the rest' but you really have no idea the good he holds. I thank God for taking him out of his struggles and his misery. This man had NEVER in his heart or soul would ever hurt anyone. He was a good man disguised in evil. Trapped and reaching for help. And all you can say is good riddence. God have mercy on your soul...

  2. I’m going to expand upon my original post as I just made a quick post on my way to work this morning. I’m sure there was good in him. You say he would never hurt anyone yet he participated in a home invasion at gun point. Your words are not consistent with his actions.

    However, I most certainly don’t say good riddance. That is absurd. Drug addictions are a powerful vice that enslave many. That is why I prefer to address the real issue, that is, the puppet masters like the Hells Angels who profit from the crime their drug addicts commit to pay for their habit.

  3. This Man was killed by the GTS (Game Tight Soldiers)That are a new group in town trying to control the drug trade. As for Nathan being a kind gently man that might be true, but also true is that he "criminal" that used violence to get what he wanted ie he was responsible for more than one home invasion and multiple drug robberies. I feel sorry for his two kids he leaves behind that will never get to know him, but on the other hand you live by sword you die by the sword!

  4. Interesting. You make a valid point about this guy being a criminal who participated in a violent home invasion if not more and for drug robberies which reaffirms a dealer’s responsibility for the trickle down crime that addicts perform to pay for the drugs they buy from them. As for GTS, it is possible but I am skeptical. We are told Nathan couldn’t leave Prince George because of his drug debts. If GTS is a new gang we have no documentation that they are not just another puppet club for the Hells Angels like the Crew, Renegades and the IS.

    If Nathan had outstanding drug debts in PG I would think those debts would be with the Hells Angels or one of their puppets. I wouldn’t think anyone with a brain, including someone who had a child would risk working for a splinter group in a small town. The Hells Angels always like to blame other groups for violence and pretend they are not involved when it turns out they are the ones supplying both sides and are ultimately responsible for the violence.

    All we know about the GTS is that they started selling drugs in East Van in 2007 and the VPD sent a fat ass leader back to Ontario on outstanding warrants. Once again I’m skeptical when law enforcement crack down on Hells Angels rivals paving the way for the Hells Angels but acknowledge they are making a valiant effort in charging Hells Angels as well. If only our courts weren’t so screwed up, their efforts would be more successful.

  5. My bad. Here it implies the GTS and the Renegades were involved in an armed conflict: http://www.opinion250.com/blog/view/14869/3/police+arrest+seven+alleged+gang+members+in+pg
    Either way, the Hells Angels hands are not clean in this matter.

  6. We hear that Nathan couldn't leave Prince George due to his drug debts. I find that hard to believe because during Christmas holidays he packed up and went to Sask to visit his kids and ex. If he wanted to he could have just stayed there, but he choose to come back and do home invasions and sell dope!! As for the GTS connection this man didn't have a brain look at what he was doing? He went to where the dope was and the people who would "front" it to him. You might be right that the HA might have something to do with this because GTS has to get there dope from somewhere and HA being the largest suppliers in B.C. As for P.G being controlled by the HA that was true when the Crew was here. Now that they are gone (replaced by IS)it's a different story anybody can sell drugs here as long as you are ready to fight for a share of the market.As for Nathan he was a casusuality of the drug war up here and the only real victim here is his 2 kids that will grow up with out a FATHER!!!

  7. Interesting. Maybe he had enough to visit but not to stay. So Nathan did home invasions and sold dope. Ya think if he was selling drugs he wouldn’t have to do the home invasions. I guess he wasn’t making enough to support his own habit. I thought his ex lived in Ontario. Visiting them at Christmas was nice but it appears he really did love that other lifestyle - the drugs, the crime and the violence.

    Personally, I think the Crew jumping ship to the IS is really just a PR stunt. The Crew was under the HAs and got some bad publicity for selling crack and hacking of fingers. The new IS is still under the HAs but don’t have quite as bad a rep yet. The Renegades are still there and they are under the HAs. Sounds like the GTS are the rivals but indeed they have to get the drugs from somewhere. Kinda like them supporting the UN and the Bacon brothers at the same time. With friends like that, who needs enemies.

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  9. WTF? The guy participated in a home invasion by gun point. People are dying all over BC in relation to drugs and gangs. Many of those people who are ending up dead are not bad people. The people they worked for, in competition with, or owed money to are bad.

  10. Who the hell are either of you to say shit about him. Nathan Marshall could give you guys a lesson on moral decency. Yes he made some bad choices in his life, Like EVERY SINGLE PERSON HAS!but if the tables were turned i know i wouldnt find him hiding behind a computer talking trash about the unfortunate person that lost their life! Wheres the decency in that ppl! Whats done is done, nothing can change the past, so there is no point or reason to dwell on his negative choices, and just let his loved ones cherish the charming Nathan Marshall!!!

  11. I think you’re missing the point. I oppose the people who shot him. He got mixed up in the wrong crowd and committed a home invasion at gun point. Perhaps he did it because he owed someone money.

    Hiding behind a computer is no worse than shooting someone in the back:

  12. I think YOU are missing the point. What gives you the right to judge any of these people to the extent that you are.. publicly humiliating someone that is dead.. really? dont you think his family has been through enough heartache as it is, but now they find crap like this by pieces of shit like you and it reminds them all over again. why do you feel its any of your business to continue on talking about nate's past. Did you know him? ever meet him? have a conversation with him? i doubt it.
    but ya ya ya i get it, drug addiction leads to crime and so on and on... but what you are doin here isnt drug and crime awareness. You are making him out to seem like such a worse person than he really was. "perhaps he did it because he owed someone money" YOU DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED IN HIS LIFE GOOF FUCK OFF!!

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  14. Use your brain. I didn’t say Nate shot someone in the back. I said the Hells Angels did which they did if you look at the link I posted.

    BTW I did write about his other side: http://gangstersout.blogspot.com/2010/02/nathan-marshall-prince-george.html

    The public has a right to know about drug and gang related murders. If they don’t, the murders will continue. Take your own advice.

  15. i didnt say you said tht nate shot someone.. i said you are giving the IMPRESSION that he did... you are absolutely right the public does have every right to know about drug and gang related murders, i just think you dont do it in a very respectful way.

  16. I would just like to point out the fact that these "victims" of the home invasion arent so innocent themselves... some real investigating into the case and the scene of the crime even might expose that the home owners were infact drug dealers themselves. Not street drugs tho, their very own prescription drugs.. that they probably have paid for by the gov't.

  17. TaDa: Someone else said there was more than one home invasion as well as drug rip offs. What you say does change things slightly if true but is similar to someone else saying Nathan was involved with drugs so he deserved to be murdered which of course would be absurd.

    BeBeGuurl: Perhaps but I’ve been a lot more respectful towards Nathan than I have about most of the gang members I write about. Tell me this – the anger and hostility you feel towards me for writing about this case, do you feel that same anger and hostility towards the people that murdered him?

  18. Exactly my point. I am the mother of Nathans children and will never condone his behaviour in Prince George. It is a sad fact that he choose that lifestyle over our children; our family. Before his addictions took over his life, he was a great person. Kind, loving, compassionate. I cannot say who he was while he did drugs becuase for the sake of our children, I left. I made a decision for the kids and I that we were moving forward, with or without him. It wasn't enough. It's a sad fact that my kids will be without a father because of Anthony Williers alleged actions that terrible day. There are people out there that had faith in Nathan, myself included. However, as he allowed this lifestyle to take over the faith he had in himself dissapeared. I miss him everyday. There won't be a day I don't see him in my children faces. Now, a year later, we still struggle. As the trial starts, we shall soon have some closure. I choose to remember the good that Nathan stood for, before this all began.

  19. Once again I am sorry for your loss. Your point is what I’m trying to get across. The Hells Angels control the drugs in Prince George. They get rich off exploiting people and destroying their lives. It was indeed a horrible thing to happen.


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