Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kevin Fry found dead in Surrey

This one breaks my heart. Recently I saw posters for a 20 year old Surrey man named Kevin Fry who had been missing since New Years Day. The poster said he had no mental health or addiction issues and didn’t pick up his last paycheque from work. That did strike me as odd. If a 20 year old is going to take off and start a new life, he’s going to pick up his last pay cheque.

Sadly his remains were found yesterday in a secluded wooded area near 110 Avenue and 154th Street. Strangely the police do not suspect foul play. To me that’s almost offensive. He’s dead. For a death like that not to be foul play it had to have been suicide, or perhaps an accidental slip and fall. Neither seem likely so saying no foul play is expected this early is just plain bizarre.

This one hits home because it’s local. It’s another huge loss for our community. Kelowna has a long list of young men who have mysteriously gone missing. Too many for them all not to be foul play. One of Kevin's friends from High School wrote:

“Deepest condolences to the friends and family of Kevin Fry. He was a great human being and I don't have a single memory of him that wasn't filled with laughter or smiles. Kevin, it was a pleasure to have met you. Rest in peace.”

Today the minister confirmed that Kevin’s death was suicide. Peace.


  1. It says he left on his skateboard to pick up his last paycheque, so it could be as simple as wiping out on his skateboard, tumbling down a slope into the woods and cracking his head on a rock or something. Where he came to rest could have been out of view of any passerbys who may have been able to save him...

  2. Indeed it could be as simple as something like that. Yet he wasn't in the back country. I don't even think there are any hills in that area. Police say they think his body was there for two weeks yet he was missing for three. It's really heart breaking.

  3. Many years ago Jesse Cadman was stabbed in Surrey because someone didn’t like his hat. It could also be that simple as well.

  4. There are an amazing amount of young men that are missing in BC, actually all of Canada. The heartache for the family with a missing loved one is overwhelming.
    Very sorry to hear that Kevin was found deceased.

  5. Almost seems like there may be a serial killer in our midst. Young men mysteriously going missing around the last two holiday seasons, and now two bodies in Surrey.

  6. I believe that the serial killer on the "Highway Of Tears" is aboriginal, it makes sense. He can retreat back to the silence, and therefore the safety, of the Res., where no information can leak out. Everything is silenced at the Reserves.


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