Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bacchus’ three stooges face criminal org charges

People were asking what the status of the previous charges involving Bacchus members uttering threats in Dartmouth. Well here it is… the news everyone on the East coast is buzzing about. Those uttering threat charges have now been upgraded for the benefit of a criminal organization. Three cheers. People were asking why these criminals can run around breaking the law without criminal organization charges being laid. I did say that all these crimes build a case for criminal organization and that time has come. That’s kinda what I meant when I said they weren’t very bright attracting all that heat.

Nova Scotia RCMP announced on their facebook page that as a result of an ongoing investigation from September 2012, the RCMP Combined Forces Intelligence Unit (CFIU),have laid additional charges against three members of the Bacchus Outlaw Motorcycle Gang. This is the first time Criminal Organization charges have been laid against Bacchus since they were established.

Patrick James, 45, of Dartmouth, Duane Howe, 43, from Grand Desert, and David Pearce, 38, of Dartmouth, were charged with commission of an offence for a criminal organization as well as extortion. The men will appear in Dartmouth Provincial Court on Jan. 7.

So tell me, if the Hells Angels shoot the three stooges like they did Juel Stanton, does that mean the criminal organization charges would be dropped? Please advise. Oh they wouldn’t be that dirty would they? Don’t kid yourself. It’s all about what you can do for the organization not what the organization can do for you.

New Developments

CBC is reporting these criminal organization threats centre around an incident where members of Bacchus banned a person from wearing a patch from another MC. After they forced him to cut up the patch, they later banned him from attending a public MC event.

Once again this brings us to who are the Hells Angels or any other finger puppet to tell anyone what they can or cannot wear. Like the Bacchus member in PEI banning people from wearing Sons of Anarchy gear. This is about small town idiots trying to be bullies. No one likes a bully.


  1. Hmmmmmm just wondering where all the rousing support from their "Brain-Dead" followers is... where are all the comments that these "Self-Serving.. Self-Worshiping Morons" in Hants County are just fun loving motorcycle enthusiasts who just like to party and do Charity Work! What a Joke! A bunch of hillbilly A-hole bullies who act tough towards riding clubs and independent bikers. Who are they to dictate to the general public what they can do! Love to see the Hants county chapter pull that attitude with a real motorcycle gang like the Outlaws, or the Mongols.. They'd all be hiding in the woods and pissing their pants! The Hants county chapter of Bacchus is an insult and an embarrassment to the mother chapter in New Brunswick who have a 40 year history and never been charged as a criminal organization! Just goes to show the lack of respect the Hants county chapter has for the club. Respect! A word that holds no meaning for the members of the self-worshiping Hants County chapter! They preach Respect but show none, and deserve none! Has anyone seen this Duane Howe idiot and that other guy Dave Pearce... Pssst... Duane looks like the direct result of a Dwarf who got raped by a billy-goat.. but he's much shorter!... I apologize to all the perfectly good Dwarfs and billy-goats out there for the comparison!..., and this Dave guy... he's so skinny a good fart would knock him over. Don't think they'd be so tough if you met up with one of them when they were ALL ALONE! Junior High Bully tactics.... Really big Men when they have you outnumbered 5 or 6 to one! But understandable since their combined IQ adds up to less then an idiot! Hopefully next summer the bikers of Nova Scotia can ride in peace.

    Keep the Rubber side down! Bro's

  2. Interesting. Now I'm going to have to try and find pictures of them for sure.

  3. That guy does need eyes in the back of his head !!!!! The most hated member !!!!!! Lol


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