Thursday, January 17, 2013

Seymour Third Peak

Just a pause for a brief reality check. Made it up to Seymour Third Peak today. This is a picture of First pump from Second pump or peak as they say. Trail was hard packed. Trace of ice and a trace of a rain crust. Could have used the crampons instead of the snowshoes.

The trail around second pump to third pump:

The Indian arm from third Pump:

First Pump and Second Pump from third Pump:

The back country panorama from 3rd Pump.

Now that is what I’m talking about.

Sunset from Brockton Point. The first peninsula is Stanley Park. The second peninsula is UBC. The mountain range in the background is Vancouver Island with a touch of low lying clouds at their base. Driving down the mountain the mountains on Vancouver Island were clear and the sky was red and purple. Looks like we’re still livin under a blood red sky in Vancouver.


  1. I thought people from Surrey were banned from the North Shore? LOL

  2. Yo bro, I was born on the North Shore : )

    Lynn Valley. Lions Gate hospital. Just raised in Surrey.

  3. Thanks. The image that stands out in my mind is when I was standing in the parking lot at the base of Mystery Peak chair looking at the top of First Pump thinking that is a long way to go. Then looking at the picture of First Pump from Third Pump thinking that is a long way away. From one side to the other it’s a fairly long hike but on a clear day it’s worth it.


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